Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WOW!!! We finally found what Little Elf has been making with all that paint!

Well imagine our surprise at finding this in the kitchen this morning! We had no clue what it was. We all kinda looked at it for a minute wondering out loud. Fox said it was a present, Skyler said a new house for her hamster or maybe a bed for the cat. Well only one way to figure it out right? So we opened it up to find.....

A little house fit for an elf! What an adorable mess he made he made this time!!!! Took him two days to make this and leaving paint out for me to clean up but oh so sweet. Skylers reaction was totally priceless.

Asleep and snug in his bed!

What a sweet little tree

His stocking is hung on his little fireplace. What a sweet little home for Little Elf
So she asked if he would get candy in his stocking? I said well honey he will most likely be gone home on Christmas. Which my sweet little girl teared up and chokingly said, Can he take his little house he worked so hard on? I told her he would most likely have to leave it but we could keep it saif for him to come back next year. So a wonderful friend gave me the coolest idea ever!! Why not leave his house out all year and on some holidays or special days Little Elf maybe stops by and leaves a little note or maybe a small present? I like that idea. I think Skyler who is so attatched to Little Elf will feel much better instead of just packing it away for a year. So I guess Little Elf will become a part of our whole year instead of just Christmas. Oh well it will remind them of Christmas spirit all year hopefully! I really hope everyone else is having just as much fun with their elf as I am with mine.


  1. Absolutely awesome! I have enjoyed your little elf's antics. :)

  2. That is so adorable! My 7 yo LOVEs it! Cute idea, and I love the thought of making it an all season elf = )

  3. I have loved watching the little elf adventures!! xoxo

  4. I came for Wordless Wednesday, but had to post about this one. What a clever, beautiful surprise!