Thursday, December 23, 2010

Countdown to Christmas Days 22 and the latest from Little Elf!

On the 22nd we read Gingerbread Land and it is a very cool book!! I love books with moving pieces. Jack bought this for me last year at an after Christmas sale so it has pretty much been on a shelf forever. This book is really great I just can't say enough about it. The Description for it from Amazon...

Product Description

In a snowy and faraway land, the Gingerbread people live in a secret world where life is always sweet. Nestled against majestic sugar dusted mountains and crisscrossed with chocolate rivers, Gingerbread Land is a fantasy come to life.

A whimsical land made of candy and gingerbread comes to life in this deliciously designed book. Featuring photographs of three dimensional gingerbread scenes, Gingerbread Land is a delightful book sure to enchant the entire family.

Scenes include ice skaters on the frozen pink lemonade pond, a Ginger family cutting down a lollipop Christmas tree, dancing couples at the Spun Sugar Ball, and much, much more!
If you are looking for a unique book with a Christmasy theme this is it! For our craft we made mini gingerbread houses. Sadly Fox broke his and we couldn't get it to hold together no matter what. They sure had fun though eating the pieces lol.

Well we found the elf in the fridge. Thinking he must have locked himeself in there some how!!

 This is our villiage. I think they got tired of waiting for the icing because the candy just started vanishing. Oh well it was fun and that is all that matters!

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