Monday, December 13, 2010

Countdown Day 13

CRAFTS CRAFTS AND MORE CRAFTS!!!!!!!!!!! Well an innocent library trip led to two and a half hours of crafts for the kids YAY!!! I had no idea the library was holding a Christmas Craft Shop today but little Skyler with her big blue eyes saying I wanna make sumpin too mommy sucked me in. At first the boys wanted nothing to do with "baby stuff" but the fun remarks and the other kids creativity soon won out and a crafting they were going! They did make some really cool stuff though so it was worth it. Needless to say by the time we got home, had dinner, I was in no mood for stories and more crafts tonight so the countdown plan was changed just a bit. The flexibility of homeschooling is so wonderful. While I didn't get to take pics of craft time I certainly got some at home for your viewing pleasure!!

These stockings are super cute!!! They took forever to lace up but so worth the time. They turned out adorable. In order from left to right is Skylers, Fox, Damians. Skylers is very unique. There were alot of left over pieces the librarian gave her so she went to town decorating. Very geo. Fox lost interest half way through the lacing and asked me to finish but he had fun! Damian had to make his just like the picture of course, but that is all right too!!

These little robot ornaments are so cute. I have never seen anything like these and for once it was something totally boy as it seems most crafts nowadays are pretty girlie. In order left to right- Damian Fox and Skyler.

These are just little pins they beaded together. There were other designs but they all wanted penguin charms.

These little trees were again something I had never seen before. They were solid green and the kids scratched designs into them with little wooden sticks. I thought that was nifty. And for the end of craft time PRESENTS FOR ALL!!!!!! They all got wrapped presents which of course they opened and they all got a new Christmas book. They all really liked getting a brand new book.

So tonight I was suppose to read Christmas Mouse and make trees out of pipe cleaners and decorate them but after all that I was too crafted out for the night!!!

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