Monday, March 21, 2016

MAM Monday Week 5 Semester Two

     Today we had our MAM Monday! Math, art and music fun!!! We played our math game as usual then added another called Speed. Speed is a pretty cool math game for multiplication. I think the best thing about it is that it is a quick game. I have found my kids do not like sitting for hours on end. For a review of Speed please go to Cathy Duffy Reviews and there is also a neat little video on You Tube!
It wasn't a bad math morning so WIN WIN!!!

So here we are playing the money cards. I am realizing this week it is time to get some new cards made up these have been through a few times now!

Doesn't everyone have a math cat helper???

And the winner this week is............

Here are Damian and Skyler playing Speed. Once they got the hang of it things were pretty well. Hopefully this will aid in the multiplication area!

We continued on with our Homeschool in the Woods Composers study as well. This week our activity was to pick a few composers, listen to their pieces and make notebooking pages. The notebooking pages included a spot to draw what the piece makes you think of so of course Skyler was all on that!!!

Fox is doing his listening part

Damian is doing his looking up composer part

And Skyler is doing her what I think of with this piece part. It was Mozart, Go figure!!!

For art this week I changed things up a bit. I used the Teach Yourself to Draw art, science and creative writing workbooks. These books are by the same amazing woman who designs our Thinking Tree Journals. I picked the sea creatures book and the kids got busy. I let them pick whatever animal in the book they chose, I didn't tell them they had to do it in order or anything.

Fox chose the tiger shark, both Skyler and Damian chose the dolphin.

There are two books for each topic. The drawing book then the research handbook. The children just did the research handbook today!

Now as I am participating in the Homeschooling 6 Blog Challenge of Teach By Example I also did the research handbook of Sea creatures. I chose the turtle, I mean anyone who knows me knows I will always choose a turtle!

Again I ask, doesn't everyone have a school cat???? As you can tell an artist I am not!!! It is not about product it is about process! I am linking up with Homeschooling 6 for her Teach By Example Blog Hop!!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Peek At Our Week Second Semester Week 4

     So Linda at Homeschooling 6 has started a Teach By Example challenge with the Thinking Tree Journals. I have decided to give it a try!!


Not quite sure how it will work out, but hey if it gets the kiddos in a better mood to see mom do school then I am all for it!! I had bought the girls do it yourself journal as an extra for Skyler next year so I decided to go with that since it is a pdf and I can't print it out! So here are a few of my teach by example pages and my book choices. The book "Dead To The Last Drop" has recipes and is really cool! It is a book, with a story, plot all that but then recipes at the back. I cannot wait to try some bourbon sauce hot dogs!!

The Life Hacks book is pretty interesting as well.

Let me say first off I AM NOT AN ARTIST! I don't even play one on TV!!!! If I did it would be sad and I would need a stunt double to do it! I couldn't think of anything to write so I just started remembering favorites with my kiddos and it went from there. The kids thought it funny that I was doing school and that they were done before me. I thought that unfair. We had a short week no school on Thursday and Friday was homeschool swap day so it was a good start. I am sure next week will be harder and I will be reorganizing my pages so I do not have reading and a movie every single day!! Now onto their week....

Here is my little princess coming up with spelling words!

My boy taking his test for lesson 11 in MUS Epsilon GO FOX!!!!!!!

Skyler using her big sisters Bible Stories. I will admit my children do not like the Bible. They enjoy the story books though so I am OK with that. My oldest has her prized Bible from church when she was young and no one is allowed to touch it. They all have Bibles they just all prefer the story books!

We also gained a new house guest!

Meet Pumpkin

Never and I mean NEVER allow your child to play a game where they can possibly win a hamster. I never thought it would happen to us!

In her pottery class Skyler finished her Easter basket and is now starting wind chimes!

I am sure you all know it is Skyler with the pink basket!!!

I can't wait to see how the wind chimes turn out, so glad she is finally moving into more difficult projects!!!

This post is linking up with Thinking Tree Thursday!!! Hosted by the amazing Thinking Tree Momma Linda!!!! Be sure to check her out for all things Thinking Tree. I hope everyone had an amazing week!!


Monday, March 14, 2016

MAM Monday!!!

     Today we somehow skipped art LOL! Not sure how it happened other than after lunch 3 of the 4 of us fell asleep! Time changing really messes with us I suppose. We did do our Homeschool In The Woods composers study though. They did the "pieces with a purpose project". They are pretty neat. Just some different mini books talking about music and such that will eventually go into a pocket.

I am certain all kids do Mondays with their blankets on the floor, right??

We did our math games, had lunch and wound up falling asleep!


                                                                  FOXY BOY!!!!!

I can tell they are getting a bit better with actual life problems involving money. So that was our MAM Monday! Hope everyone else had a wonderful start to their week as well.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Peek At Our Week!!! Second Semester Week 3

      Well our week is moving right along!! Skyler is taking to her new math book and flying through the first lessons!! I know it will get harder so I am really praising her so she won't feel badly later! If she is anything like me and her brothers math will be a struggle. Maybe she will be like my oldest daughter and do amazing who knows?? I actually managed a photo of my two girls and if you know me you know this is rare!!!

 She had finished her Dyslexic Games series c first book and has happily moved into her second book.

She for sure is understanding dividing right now!

She is loving the new pages for series c

Fox is moving right along as well!!

The kids weren't all into pictures this week and it didn't help any that I kept forgetting to buy batteries for the camera either! We did go to pottery of course and she painted her eggs and her basket. this is a beautiful project  which I think is coming along wonderfully.

By next week it will be all fired and ready to go. I cannot wait to see the finished product.

We also had a field trip to the history museum in Gainesville for the geology day. We went last year to this and I was happily surprised to see it was not exactly the same. There were new demonstrations and things to see. They played games to get a fossil. Once again we got a tortoise fossil! They filled out their passport and got cool cut geodes at the end.

This was the best demonstration and I would love to have this in my house. It attracted way more than kids too!

As  always Fox is attracted to anything shark

Here she is guessing where rocks were formed

They saw and did so much it was a great day!! I cannot possibly put all the pictures up so if you would like to see more here ya go! All in all pretty calm full week. I promise Damian was there he has just been fighting me lately on pictures LOL!!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

MAM Monday

Our Monday was fun fun!!! We have finally finished the See The Light Sunflowers project this week. I don't say that as in a finally finished OMGOSH so glad it is over kinda way either. It was a really cool lesson, the kids learned quite a bit and the finished product is all kinds of adorable!!!

I will state right here and now that I am totally in love with Damians project!! He did amazing. The two years he had spent in school I was under the impression he had art. I was informed lately that he didn't. Just another notch on why i will never trust schools again! We have always done some type of art here. Crafts, making stuff or something or another has always been done. The younger two had atelier art last year, but not Damian as he was in school so again very proud of his work!!!

Not quite sure what was going on with Fox but he decided that his shirt needed to be a cape during our math game today!!

We are still using the math quiz game show but I have switched out the cards to be all money from another game I own. On paper the kids can add, subtract, multiply and divide money, it is the real life skills I am looking to improve right now. The counting back change, figuring tax etc.

This week Skyler is the game winner!!!!

They also started working through Dyslexic games series c book 6 which is math art and logic. We are mostly concentrating on the math stuff for that.

We also worked on another project from our Homeschool In The Woods composers, this week it was a timeline.

We ended our Monday with two under the blanket!! Doesn't everyone end their days like this?????