What We Use For School

How I planned our 2018-2019 Fun School year!!!!

For 2016-2017 we are using...

For Damian here is his planning post,

For Fox

For 2014-2015 School year we will be using.......

For 2013-2014 School Year we will use.... This is for 4th and 6th grade

Language Arts:

Spell By Color        Both kids We went back to All About Spelling

Easy Grammar         Skyler

Winning With Writing    Both kids

Analytical Grammar         Fox This is so not working for him! I should have tried the Jr. edition looking for something else

Explode The Code     Skyler

K5 Learning  (free cursive practice sheets)   Both kids

Also the Pathway Readers to read out loud to me. We won't be using the workbooks or anything.


Math U See     Both kiddos

Xtra Math        Both kids


Story of the World Vol 2   Both kids

Homeschool in the Woods Project Passports  Both Kids

There will also be another project passport that will match SOTW Vol 2 that is due to be released later this month that I will use as well.

I also found SOTW Vol 2 timeline cards free here  and an awful lot of other stuff here (this blog is great!) Video links for every chapter can be found here.


Real Science 4 Kids Biology and Physics

Guest Hollow Human Body study      I have changed the schedule a bit and maybe used some different stuff but a lot of what we will do is credited to this amazing homeschool moms schedule that she did all for free. Her name is Jen and her blog offers a ton of free resources.

Art and music are still being worked out in my head at this time! I have so many resources I am struggling to pick anything and plan it!

CNN Student News (current events)

American Sign Language        We will learn a letter and a word or phrase every two days

For the 2012-2013 School Year we will be using...........

Winterpromise All American 1 For History and State study

Road Trip USA by Confessions of a Homeschooler (using the games, flashcards, and information about the states. This is a great cirriculum but I am not using the coloring pages because sometimes the kids get fed up with coloring)

The Fifty States Copywork this is copywork of state facts and such for their notebooks

Real Science 4 Kids Trying to do one each semester

ElectroWiz Electricity Science Kit  went along with our fieldtrip to the electric company

For all language arts

Easy Grammer

Damian-English Grammar 101

All About Spelling

Winning With Writing

Handwriting Practice

Skyler Handwriting Without Tears cursive

Boys using practice pages from Kidzone

Skyler will continue Explode The Code

Math U See

Xtra Math

Great American Artists for kids

If all works well every Friday the kids will do school Hogwarts Style


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