Friday, July 22, 2016

Skylers New Hobby!

Skyler has taught herself a new little hobby!! She is making Littlest Pet Shop videos! Everything she has done has been completely on her own I wouldn't even know where to start. She took a broken phone started making videos, learned to post them on you tube, even how to edit pics and such all on her own! I am just a bit proud. She makes these elaborate little scenes for them. She has given them whole life stories for their backgrounds and everything!

She calls her channel LPS TOO MUCH CANDY! It is so adorable. She has even made banners for it and everything. She will also sub anyone who subs her so if your kiddos are looking for subscribers feel free!!

That is just one of her little videos, some are pretty long!

She has even taught herself editing and such all on her own.

I think it is awesome she took it upon herself to learn how to do things without anyone helping. I am not the techy mom so it is always good to have kiddos who are!!!

Friday, July 8, 2016

We Got To Learn All About Allergy Testing Today!!

Skyler has had allergies her whole life. They set off her asthma and are all around very UN fun. We decided to do testing since they have been worse this year. It was pretty neat to see. They put little scratches like on her back all by different numbers. Then whatever bubbles up is her allergies. She was such a trooper!! They also had to use her arm. 

She laughed like a lunatic while the nice lady wrote on her!!

It itched like crazy! She only got a bit upset when they did the arm. That hurt she said she even bled a bit. Shockingly we learned she is allergic to horses. That was a shocker. She is also has allergies to cat/dog dander, pollen, grasses and other outside stuff! So we have decided to start allergy shots in August. This seems a better plan than medicine her whole life long. 

As usual she has some kind of ears on!!