Sunday, June 16, 2013

So it's summer.....

     This school year is pretty much over, making plans for the new. We are still doing math, handwriting and some spelling. I also decided for whatever reason that we would start reading our way through the Magic Treehouse books. I figure if I toss in the fact tracker books as well it will be good little mini lessons. Right now we are doing book 1 Dinosaurs Before Dark. I have added in some library books and a few other things. We haven't just been doing nothing though. We did take almost all of May off. We made a garden and an eco column though. I will say the garden was hard hot work. The kids had fun I hope. The flowers are starting to bloom, we planted a lot of just stuff. Humming bird, butterfly flowers, and just random stuff my kids picked out.

     Fox had to plant sunflowers and they are really getting big. They had fun making stepping stones as well. 

Skyler did most of the actual making of the eco column. I did all the cutting and drilling of course! She enjoyed digging dirt up for it lol.

Here she is after it is all put together. We had crickets in the top, worms in the middle and the aqua part has snails. Sadly all the snails died within a week. Not quite sure what we did wrong but Skyler had to bury them. The crickets and the worms lived just fine and were released into our yard.

I did manage a decent pic of the crickets!

Now for the garden we made.

This was the corner of our house.                      

Pretty yucky! All that overgrown stuff was stickers by the way. It fought us BIG time pulling it all out.

It was NO FUN!

We decided to use tires for planters so we had to scrub them clean before we painted them, my kids have to add some color!

You can tell these were kid created for sure!

Well it looks a whole lot cleaner!

They made some concrete stepping stones to go in as well. You cannot have a garden without stepping stones after all.

This is Damians

This is Foxs

Of course this is Skylers she had to cover every surface possible!

This is the garden after the kids had it all set up Ignore my dirty house that is in bad need of a pressure cleaning!

This is the garden after some sprouts! The sunflowers in the blue tire to the left are BIG! Fox cannot wait for them to bloom up. I think they have a good job taking care of their plants. For whatever reason the sprouts in the tires in the back have not grown as big. So that is what we have been up to lately. For more pics you can go here. We also added an adorable little rat to the house! Her name is Waffles.