Friday, August 17, 2012

LOOOONG Time No post!

A new school year is about to start so I have got to get into the swing of things and redo this blog here. Out with the old in with the new! The main exciting thing we will be doing is Magic School. From the Yahoo group Hogwarts Summer Correspondance an idea has sprung. These are summer courses moms have been putting together for years and they are awesome! I have decided to take a year and add them to our school on Fridays. We will be calling it Hogwarts Distance Education Courses instead of the summer school it was made for.

I am going with that is what homeschool is for. Making it all for your kids, to suit your needs. So of course a new blog has sprung up. Homeschool Hogwarts Style. Our nature studies are becoming Owl Scouts! That will be fun. I looked back this summer an awful lot. Looking back to when it all started, things we did and things that didn't work for us. How much our lives have changed since then.

I look back and see how completely clueless I was yet some how we muggled through. Remembering how it was when my oldest was still home with us. How young she was. My boys were so little compared to now and Skyler was just a baby. Ok that has not changed she is still our baby! I have learned much more from them than I can ever hope to teach. I think that has been the best part.

I watch Skyler read and I did that. I watch the boys do so many things they never would have gotten in public school. The years are counting down. My oldest is a tenth grader in highschool now. Her an my oldest son are bigger than me. My younger son is the same height. My little one has some catch up to do, but I am sure the day will come.

The school year is going to start and a new chapter in our lives is starting too. I am excited to see where this year will take us. So good luck to all those begining their 2012-2013 year! Let's make it great.