Friday, October 30, 2015

Week 9 Math Monday, Bat Day and Candy Corn Lunch

Our week before Halloween!!!! My favorite holiday! Our week started out as usual with Math Monday. This week we skipped the business math and played Math Quiz Game Show. It is made by Lakeshore Learning. They no longer sell it though :(  Damian even played and didn't complain too much LOL. He is slowly getting into the routine of being home again. We actually had a few times he laughed!!! Progress is great no matter how small :)

All of my children hate math they are my children after all!!! Anything I can do to help them review that isn't a flashcard or a worksheet is great in my opinion.

Fox was our winner this week.

We do our reading anywhere we want!!! TAKE THAT DESK SITTERS!!!!!!

We didn't do any major projects this week. Since we finished South America and the rain forest we took a tiny break from geography and science. Next week we start North America and astronomy!!!!

Friday was fun day. We did bats and had a candy corn lunch since it is National Candy Corn Day.

We made some pretty cool bat art.

This belongs to Fox. Can you see the Big Dipper??

This one belongs to Damian. He has never been too crazy about art but he enjoyed painting and he seemed happy with the outcome. Ya just never know with that kiddo. 

Of course we had to watch The Magic School Bus Going Batty. I will always love the school bus. Miss. Frizzle is my idol!! Damian was none to thrilled with it so he helped make lunch. 

Even my dog loves Miss. Frizzle, he has great taste!!!! Now onto lunch!!!

Sweet and salty candy corn fudge

Candy Corn Pizza

candy corn milkshakes

candy corn fruit cups

I am fairly certain they enjoyed their lunch!!!

After lunch we made bat lapbooks. These lapbooks were made from free resources and the speedy lapbook from A Journey Through Learning. 

We finished our day with a movie about the history of candy corn from 

Skyler finally named her little bat. Meet Stellaluna!!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Skylers Ghost Town

My amazing friend Linda send me a blog link. This lady decided to make her own Halloween village. Of course my Skyler had to make her own as well. I am guessing from the pictures on her blog her kiddos are a tad bit younger than Skyler. Skyler pretty much did most of this on her own. Her brother helped her out a bit with the spray painting from time to time and I helped her be sure she was spelling words right. The plan for her town was originally MUCH MUCH BIGGER, it included a graveyard, a manor house, a planetarium, a bank and even a barber shop. I think all her ideas just kinda overwhelmed her with all the other things we have been up to lately so she kinda decided that what she had so far was enough.

We still have quite a few things left to be painted and such which we will pack up and finish next year. I noticed right away the cutesy little Halloween names she gave her buildings!!

So there is my kiddo painting her ghosties out of rocks!

Thank goodness we had some stuff saved for an upcoming recycle project!!!

As usual she got Fox to help with the not so much fun part she called it!

And here is her little town. She calls it Skylers Ghost Town

The Prickly Pumpkin Patch

The Ghostly General

The Pesky Pet Shop (you knew there would be animals right)??

The Spiders Skating Rink

The Miscief Mart LOL

The Monster Motel

The Leering Lighthouse

That is my girl always making and doing something!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Field Trip!!!! Lubee Bat Conservancy

Today we went on a field trip to the bat conservancy place. They were having a bat festival and it was really cool! Other than bats we learned about quite a few things. I actually had all three kiddos today!

First we learned about bees.

Then we learned about manatees. We even got to hold a rib bone, a very heavy solid rib bone!

Next up there were butterflies!!

Skyler fell in love with a baby bat and had to adopt one LOL

Then onto the bat cave!!

Those were all fruit bats and they were GIANT! I had no idea they were that big. The last picture was a little guy right at the edge of the cage and every time we would talk his little ears would move back and forth. They were so awfully cute.

Skyler got to check her wing span out!!

It is 29 inches!! Yay Skyler

She also tried her hand at butter churning

Looked through some slides of different water from different places.

Got to see a bat close up as well. These are the types of bats we have out in our yard that every now and then we will see. These are native to the area

I could have just put that little guy in my purse and brought him home!!!!

Made some crafts

Pet a snake even

played with a tortoise

And saw a bat skeleton

It was an awesome filed trip. I am pretty sure they all had fun. The boys are just kinda past crafts and picture posing LOL