Sunday, January 12, 2014

First week of 2014

WARNING!!!!!! There are pics of the heart dissection.....
My week is starting off right!

They are doing narrations from Story of The World Chapter 4 Volume 2. I got these cool freebies here.  Thanks for all that hard work and sharing it!!! I also made sure we started using our timeline books again. I got these from Winterpromise and they are just beautiful.

So we started our week with Chapter 4. I will get history done this school year. It has always been hit or miss but I want to get it done. I love history so I hope they will too.

For science this week started with the heart. You can see the plan on the human body tab. The had fun with the handmade stethoscope!

And since it seems all we are hearing about is snow Skyler wanted to have some so we made it LOL

 See mom we can have a snow day too!

By Tuesday they were a bit upset that their siblings high school was closed.  To them it wasn't fair they got to have no school! I just had to remind them of all the times they get a break that other kids are in school! So for the rest of the week we studied the heart.We did Story of the World up to Chapter 7. We added map work from the activity book and did narration pages which they really disliked. I told them we can cut those out if they start paying attention. It seems they only pick up on what they want to pick up on and sometimes they just seem to veg out to another planet!

Fox is still such a struggling reader and speller. He does so good at some stuff but when it comes to reading he just don't. I guess it is not helpful he hates doing it. He hates writing as well. He doesn't care if there are verbs, nouns, adverbs etc. and he thinks it is dumb. I found another program Language Lessons Through Literature that we have started this week. So far so good. It doesn't seem to be an awful lot of writing so he is tolerating it. It seems like a really good program, if Skyler wasn't already doing Easy Grammar and reading pretty well I would actually try it with her.

We dropped Spelling With Color it was just too much with all the different colors and it drove my kids nuts. We will be moving back to All About Spelling this coming week.

So here are some pictures that highlighted our fun week!

Some sand art from the Story of the World activity book. They really liked these! They really enjoyed reading about the Ajanta Caves too.

This was a project from the Horrible Science kit They got to fill up the heart with BLOOD! They both really liked that part LOL.

We figured out real quick to go outside! Fox said it was really cool to see how far blood could spurt out!

And we dissected a heart, well let's be honest Fox did it and Skyler stayed on the other side of our house! I was OK until all of a sudden a lot of fluid started coming out, that's when my lunch decided to come out as well. I have never gotten sick on body parts before but I did this time. We did a shark two summers ago and I got very ill it seems alot of people just cannot do the whole animal. I was OK with parts until this one.

Skyler will have nothing to do with anything like this unless it is safe online!

 NO I DID NOT TELL HIM TO POSE!!!! He looks awfully sweet though :)

As usual Fox behavior goes this is no different, all week he could barely answer anything but when he started cutting into this thing he could tell me all kinds of stuff. He truly is a hands on kid!! I hope everyone else had full weeks of fun too!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year!!!!

     Happy New Year, to my poor neglected blog! I am going to try really hard to start blogging again besides getting to post great pictures of my AWESOME kids it helps me keep track of all we have done. Planning!!! This seems to be the hardest thing, writing it down that is. An online planner just will not work for me because I forget it is there allllll the time! I have a Master Planner. I always say I am going to use it and never do! I try to remember what we did then write it down and forget that most of the time. Not to mention all the extra stuff I think will be cool to do or see. I have decided to make my plan before hand! No more forgetting that video that fit perfect with Chapter 5 of SOTW or that cool website for when we study the heart.

     It will be in the plan and get done! (I hope) I also want to make that extra effort to have the kids keep a year book type thing. I thought it would be a great keepsake for them to have. Something a bit more than just a journal. Tomorrow we start back to school and hopefully all will go well!!!