Friday, May 30, 2014

The End of the Year

I keep reading everyone elses end of year wrap so thought I would do my own. It has been a whirl wind year with so many changes. My oldest has ended her 11th grade year and is now going to be a senior!!! That is very bittersweet as I see her as a little girl and still wonder where the heck did her piggie tails go??? She started her first job as well and is killing me with playing driver! Gotta get her license now so she can drive herself! She is turning into an amazing young lady. We have had our moments this year but I wouldn't trade them for anything. I love how proud she is of her good grades, her dream of college and future she wants. I couldn't have asked for a better daughter. I love that I have gotten to be there every night for dinner and every morning for wake up. I know every parent makes the best choice they can and I am so thrilled I have raised my kids for the most part with no outside interference. Even though she goes to school we still talk about her day, her friends, her everything and I love it. Wish I had that with my mom. Needless to say she is on her way.

That is my girl on her first day of work WOO HOO!!!!!

Damian started public high school this year at his request that was odd! It was a huge hassle to get him in and a lot of stupid run around. Nothing with public school can be simple! He has had his struggles and hopefully learned a few things along the way. Quite a few of his teachers stated they could tell he was homeschooled. In a good way! He wasn't disruptive or had that attitude that most boys his age had. He was happy to do his work even if he didn't understand and had to do it a million times. He never complained or got angry. I liked hearing that. I don't know if it was all due to be homeschooled, maybe it was just due to him, who knows. Sadly I don't believe the school system here is great as far as special needs kids go. He seems to be the kid slipping through the cracks because the classes are so big and there just isn't time. I hear this alot from other moms too so this will be his last year in a public school setting. Next year he will attend a private school that has smaller classes, more teachers and a great all around school. I am very excited for this as I was a private school kid and if I had to do it over my kids would have all grown up that way. Looking from an adult point of view I wish I had stayed in private when given the choice! I know Damian is a different kind of kid and what homeschool gave to him when he was young is not what he needs now. It is hard to admit that being with me is not the best choice for him but that is what being a good parent is knowing when they need something beyond you. He needs me right now to be mom not teacher and that is OK. Sometimes I really want to look up the many people in Indiana who basically gave no hope when he was a toddler, who used words like "piece of meat" to describe him. I wanna scream at them and say Look at him now!!! He will do everything other kids do he just learns differently. Anyone who ever has a child diagnosed with autism and low IQ and are told it will never get better DO NOT believe it. It can get better. It is a different better than what your plan was for that child but it still can be great.

Damian also tried frog legs this year!  EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Fox what to say about Fox??? He drives me crazy on a daily basis and some days I just let him sleep in. He is a challenge child and I hate it!! He has to question everything and it drives me bonkers. We will be having a I wanna kill my kid day and he will do something totally out there like throw his arms around me and say I am the best mom. Or dig a grave for one of our little lost pets. Or how he carried his sister all the way from the neighbors house when she scraped her back then he walked back there to get her bike. He drives me bonkers. He totally throws me for a loop at times. We do something all week long and he can't answer nothing we get to a hands on project and he can't shut up. He can rattle off all kinds of stuff I don't even remember teaching. When the 11th grader has history homework and he can answer all the questions for her while I sit there in a state of shock. That is my boy. Who fights me every step of the way but I wouldn't trade him either.

Ever see a kid so happy to dissect a heart?

My "baby girl" I can talk about her all darn day long! She is the baby of the house and still holds this place firm. Not thinking that will ever change! Every time I hear her read a book it just steals my heart a bit because I did that! I taught her to read and it tickles me. I taught the boys too but she is the last one I will get to do that with so I am still riding that high! She fights with the boys, plays with my little ponies and loves hello kitty clothes. She will wear her pretty dresses while climbing trees and playing with trucks in the dirt! She loves just about everything but math. I hate math too! This year she started pottery and loves it! We also started joining a co-op and she adores it. She still loves little toys she can tote around and her beloved stuffed animals. She also has developed an i pad thing and loves recording everything!!

She loves to climb trees!

Well it was a busy full year. Fun times, hard times, challenges and great moments for all of us. Math and spelling will continue through the summer for the younger two. Skyler who really misses doing Magic School has asked for some science Hogwarts style so we will do some of that and spend time at the library of course! The hardest thing this year? Watching my life grow up!!! And joining a co-op and doing pottery class. I realized shortly after Christmas that life was not in the best place for me. I had become way too much of stay at home mom. I was becoming one of those unsocialized homeschoolers you read about!! So changes had to be made and it was hard. I put her in pottery, made friends with my neighbor and started walking at night, I then joined a co-op where I have to be involved and actually talk to other human beings! I made friends, it was pretty crazy!! So after being here for almost 4 years I am starting to have a life. Cannot wait to see what changes next year brings on. Wondering if I should be scared???