Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Countdown Day 1

Well today is our first day of our countdown! We read our book and decorated after we got a tree from Lowes. This is our first real tree since my daughter was born 13 years ago and I am lovin it.

Jack is hanging the star on the top. This star is very special to me as it hung on our tree every year while I was growing up. This star lit the tree that had once seen me and my siblings grow another year, it saw the last Christmas I was blessed enough to have my gramma and the last year my bio father was alive. This star has seen alot of joy and heartache through the years and sadly when I plugged it in it no longer worked but I want it anyway. Now this star will see my children grow up and that just steals my heart. Thanks mom for the star, it will be as loved as it was when it was my big brother hanging it on the tree so many years ago. I am so happy that Jack got to hang the star this year.

This is my Ginger Bread villiage that Jack bought forever ago and I haven't had it out in YEARS!!! I felt like an old friend has come to visit. If you wanna see more pics of our first day go here.

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  1. How sweet that you have the star from your childhood to share with your kids!