Thursday, December 2, 2010

Countdown Day 2

We read our book "Bear Stays Up For Christmas tonight.
Since we have other Bear books my daughter especially
liked this one. The activity today was to make presents
for daddy since he has to go back home to IN on Sun.
So he got to have his Christmas a bit early. Skyler
made a flower pot and added a seed packet. Fox
made him a cooler cup from a kit. Devlin made a

really pretty portrait with pics of all 4 kids and used
a scrapbooking background for an added touch.
Damian made daddy a nuts and bolts can out of an
oatmeal can covered in scrapbook paper and clear
contact paper. All in all I hope daddy liked his presents, the kids were pretty proud of themselves.
To see more pics you can go here! We are having
fun counting down the days!!

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  1. We have that book and my kids love reading it. I need to go find it on the book shelf right now:). There are so many great books out there I want to own them all:)