Monday, December 13, 2010

Countdown Day 12

I can't believe I am so behind. Well OK just one day but still! Blogger was so very slow lastnight loading pics that I said Forget This. So here is lastnights post today! We read Santa Mouse and made little clay mice. Clay and play dough type stuff is something I forget all the time. I know I know they love it but I hate the mess. But I let them lastnight and as soon as their mice were made they went on to use every last piece of clay I had lol. I think I need to remember this type of activity more! Well here are some pics to highlight our night, ENJOY!!!!

Neither boy was happy reading a boardbook or a baby book as they call it but it is one of the few my library carried about a mouse at Christmas! They still thought it funny though.

Oh look he actually don't have his eyes all wide and crazy!

Yes I helped her. She made me though :)
He did not like it at first. The clay is different than play dough. But after a minute he came around and his little mouse is as cute as can be!!

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