Saturday, November 12, 2011

The science lab from Lowes

Tell me this thing is not adorable! There were even activity/experiment cards to go with it. The kids have already decided we will be doing them next week. Lowe's Build And Grow is getting better and better. I took alot of pictures you can see here. I thought this was just awesome.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 10

This week was mostly just math and language arts. I did get the Autumn download and go to start next week though! My kids are getting better in math I am so thrilled with that. The boys are finally up to Lesson 22 in math u see so maybe we can actually start a new level by the new year. They like the clock building. My kids like building anything though.

On a brighter note our elf came back!! We were so happy to see our little buddy again. Of course he has already gotten into mischeif the little fool.

There he was was Monday morning sound asleep on the coffee table with one of Skylers blankets pulled up over him.

On Tuesday morning we found him in a candy coma from eating the rest of Devlins Halloween candy, awww poor guy!!

This morning we woke up to that little buggers fudge! We all love Little Elf and cannot wait to see what her gets up to this year.