Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Countdown Day 16,17,18 (gotta a bit behind)

Well due to life I suppose we got a bit behind in our crafts. We tried to catch that up a bit this weekend! Of course we did the Lowe's Build and Grow to finish the final piece of the train. It is so adorable. There have been two sets of stickers for the train one was Christmas the other western type. Damian was my only cowboy kid LOL. Lowe's was technically day 18. For day 16 we read All You Need For A Snowman and made little snowmen which turned out so cute! They really turned out alot better than I thought they would so I was pretty proud :). For the 17th we read Snowflake Bentley which we have read before. It is a wonderful book so it was no issue reading it again. What I like best about this book is that it can really span the ages so to speak. There is a simple text for the younger crowd as well as on the side a more deeper explanation for older kids. The pictures are all just as sweet as can be. We made paper snowflakes for that one. Which directions can be found here. There is no way I could explain it, way too much detail for me. So worth the outcome though because they are beautiful. I wish I could have made them all with cardstock but each flake calls for 7 sheets of paper so I had to get cheap and use construction. They are still beautiful though. Hopefully tomorrow we can do day 19 and 20 so we will be caught up! Here are some wonderful pictures that I hope everyone can enjoy because we enjoyed these crafts very much! The snowflakes especially they are just beautiful. Wish I had some spray on glitter for them to make them sparkle, but they are still just awesome.

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