Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Countdown Days 19,20 and 21

Well once again I am so behind. Oh well things happen! For the 19th we read Jolly Old Santa Claus. We made icicles out of aluminum foil and painted them with glitter paint. Very quick, very easy, very little to clean up! YAY. We once again read The Legend Of The Candy Cane for the 20th. We have read that book several times but it was still nice. We were suppose to make little Christmas people for our craft but my kids were not into it at all. They were little kits I had bought at JoAnns. A snowman, an elf and a santa. They did nothing but whine and complain so I said OK forget it then. Why bother if they were so against it right? We read A Wish To Be A Christmas Tree and we had never read that before so it was new
and fun!! The craft we made on that was actually a gift for gramma so, mom if you are reading stop now and go on bout your business:) We made candle holders. We mod-podged them and used tissue paper to make them pretty! Each child also added a little sticker so she would know who made which one. Three of the kids was happy with Christmas theme paper but not my Devlin. She always has to stand out! Hers is blue striped, no sticker. I really can't remember when she became so into herself? Of course she will always be my lil girl though. Tomorrow we are building a gingerbread villiage YAY!!! Cannot believe the countdown is almost over and Christmas is just about here. This has been a year, a very full year
to say the the least! This will be our first Christmas in our new house. Our first real tree since Devlin was a new baby, our first time hanging our stockings on a fireplace, so many changes since last year. I hope everyone is haveing a blast with their countdown activities and, yes I have already pretty much planned next years :)

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