Friday, November 17, 2017

Filed Trip To The Farm

      Today we went to Dudley Farm is Gainesville and as usual had a complete blast! We always feel like we are stepping back in time and my kids run all over that place, it truly is magical for those that adore history! 

      My children always like starting at the family home. They have their own little routine. They went along with a filed trip this time and they were a bit thrown off! It was fun having a guide though in my opinion. I was truly proud that for the most part my kids knew exactly what she was talking about and had answers to many of the questions even if they were a bit too shy to speak up. 


Field Trip!!! Harn Art Museum

      To end our field trip day we stopped over at The Harn Ar Museum. Rhyli has never been and we haven't been there for quite a while so it was definitely time for a visit! I love when I can actually get half way decent pictures of my kids!

       I am not sure why but the girls got a big kick out of walking to a from this painting!

Field Trip!!! History Museum And Butterfly Garden

       After the farm today we decided to hit our favorite history museum! We really wanted to see the new exhibit about Florida's past as well as the new Discovery Zone for younger kiddos. Even though it is for younger kiddos my kids still had to explore! 

    This wall has hundreds of frogs and we absolutely love it!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Our Review Of Forbrain

      Since I am always on the look out for cool things to try with my kids I jumped on reviewing FORBRAIN from Sound For Life LTD. I really wanted to use this neat head set with my sixteen year old son Fox. He has ADHD, poor memory as well as a few speech difficulties when he speaks fast. It is almost as if his brain works faster than his mouth! The product is used 20 minutes a day and he had no issue using it. My oldest son was not too thrilled as it goes by his face and he doesn't like that due to some sensory issues. Fox had no issue with it at all.  The technology behind it is like a workout for your brain! It's brain stimulation!   

      This is designed for children ages 4 and up as well as adults to use so age is not really a factor at all. The head set volume is adjustable but it is advised to keep on the preset level. This level is helpful for those with hearing difficulties or for those overly sensitive to sound. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Our Review Of Innovators Tribe Engineering

      For the past few weeks we have had the privilege of reviewing Thinking Like An Engineer by Innovators Tribe. This program is a wonderful hands on approach for learning science, technology and art. It is great to use for STEM learning! My son Fox has always been the builder boy so I knew he would absolutely love this course and it did not disappoint. This is an online curriculum so internet connection is a must. The program is designed for grades 6-12. 

Thinking Like an Engineer

     This curriculum was created by Wayne Kroeplin and throughout the videos he is known as Mr. K to the students. The lessons are not lectures! This program truly fosters thinking skills and creative problem solving. It isn't just a do this or do that to get to this point type of thing. The kids have to really think to solve the challenges they are given.