Thursday, December 9, 2010


Little Elf has decided to practice his spelling. What a joy to know that our educational home has rubbed off on him lol. After waking this morning and reading the note Little Elf left for Fox on holding his toys hostage Fox decided not to mess with the elf no more. We are still having fun with the Little Elf and I am really pleased on finding that idea it has been a fun little thing to look forward to for the kids. All three of the kids were saying I wonder what he will do tonight??? Can't wait till they wake up and find him in the school room with letters! They had a blast cleaning up after he tried making hot chocolate last night.


  1. That is a darling way to inspire your kids to spell. Kudos to Mom for such creativity. I almost bought one of those elves the other day but then realized I had spent way too much!