Friday, September 5, 2014

Back To School 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week all 4 kiddos started school. One in public, one in private and two left at home! There were four, then three and now just two left. What will I do when they are all gone? I am just gonna worry about that another day! This week we had our party and worked on math and English for the rest of the week except on Thursday then we went to co-op. So this year I have a 7th and 5th grader home with me and a 10th and 12th grader out in the bog bad world! My senior refused any pictures thinking she is way too old for that sort of thing.

My baby girl Skyler!

My little man Fox!

My oldest son Damian!

                                                         And here are all 3!!!

Don't my boys look oh so thrilled that once again I am shoving a camera in their faces? I remember what little hams they used to be though! Now onto our super cool awesome party!!

and yes I had a BLAST setting this all up! I think it turned out cute as heck. So of course I got close-ups.

I think the adorable little library with the book house on top was my absolute favorite thing of all! The little house was a clearance craft at Michaels and Skyler put it together. I put some books for back to school and some others I had at home. The idea was each kid read 5 books and fill up their library card for a giant candy bar. Fox was the only kid who was playing along!

Completely in love with my little milk bottles! They came from Big Lots.

Cupcakes came from Walmart I am really not too crafty with icing! The little flags and wrappers came from the links at the end of this post!

Yep had to have crafts! Most were picked up at the dollar tree just little things here and there.

I painted just plain old place mats from dollar tree with chalk board paint.

School boxes filled with just little cutesy stuff nothing major.

Nothing says school lunch like a lunchable LOL.

They felt the need to change the decor!!

For school work on the first day Fox did some Dr. Who worksheets offline and Skyler made a horse lapbook.

One more cool craft!! The paper shirt! Fox helped me make each kid one and I think they were adorable.

Links to all the things I used from online, and everything was a freebie.

Lillian Hope Designs This woman is AMAZING!!!!
Catch My Party has awfully cute stuff
The oh so cool t-shirt!!
And my back to school pinterest board has even more neat ideas!

Hope our year is amazing!!!!