Friday, September 27, 2019

First Week Of Fall Peek At Our Week 3

       This was the first day of Fall so we celebrated with an apple bar! Apple cider and apples to dip and mini apple pies! I also made apple cider bread but before I got a pic of it the kids had it almost gone so apparently it was pretty good!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Peek At Our Week 2

       Week 2 done! It was a full week too with my boy starting his first job!!! YAY FOX!!!! I am so proud of him. I think just about everyone starts their first job at a fast food place! 

        I thought I would use this weeks post to go over what the kids will be doing for school or at least starting out because as they finish stuff things always change. Fox will be reading the entire series of the Uncle Eric books to learn about economics as well as the many many Izzit movies we own. He is going to study American Geography as well as Government. He is using Fox it Grammer by IEW. He is going through Math Refresher For adults just to see any spots he may need help on. He will also keep track of everything in his Thinking Tree Journal. 

       For science he will study scientist from the begininng and do experiments and projects based on their findings. We are reading Suffering Scientist by Horrible Science and using his Milestones in Science kit that he had never finished before because he had wanted to learn something else! I will say that has been a huge joy in home school, my kids having a say in their education and enjoying what they are learning about. 

Monday, September 9, 2019

Back To School!!!!

       We started our school year!!! Sadly no big party this year the time sort of snuck upon me and with working nights things just don't get planned! We still had a fun week going through what the coming school year would be about and having a not so scary ice cream party to celebrate the full moon and Friday the 13TH. I can't get over how big my kids are!

        Since last year did not go as planned Fox will still be doing his senior year, which is no big deal since graduating last year was a year early anyway!