Friday, January 15, 2016

Week 14

Our first week back since Christmas!!

There are actually children on that bed begging me to let them have five more minutes of snuggle time LOL. When they were very young waking up usually meant finding mom in her bed and piling on it. Once upon a time there was four of them with that behavior!!! I had a much bigger bed once too. Usually it is Fox and Skyler saying let's snuggle I am pretty sure this is to prolong the morning but hey momma has to get her snuggles where she can find them!!!!

We started space this week. We started out with astronomers, what is astronomy and of course the solar system.

There is my boy hanging up the planets for me!! Sadly the pictures I took afterwards did not come out.

I absolutely love my giant non babyish book!!

We have the planets hanging from the ceiling but Skyler still wanted a little solar system too

I made them do a notebook page of the solar system as well.

We also had to keep arguing with the cat over who exactly owns the pencils!!!!

Maybe she wants to learn as well? Our week was pretty laid back, always hard to get in the swing of things after a nice long break. We also managed to finally get Christmas put away this week which is kinda late for me I am usually done by the first of the year! Either way we managed to do most of the stuff except math Monday. I am currently rethinking that in my head!