Friday, July 12, 2013


Have I mentioned I LOVE DINOSAURS! I decided to read the Magic Treehouse Dinosaurs Before Dark and of course I had to add in the fact tracker book and before you knew it we had a whole study going with a lapbook of course. We added the Magic Schoolbus Science Kit and movies and more books and it was pretty fun.

This is Skyler with a little printout of the characters in the Treehouse books. She seemed to like it and it held the boys' attention fairly well, they probally got more out of the fact tracker book though. We used the Journey Through Learning Dinosaur Lapbook for this. I also added the book What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs so the kids could get the Christian point of view and Skyler really liked hearing that once upon a time everyone was nice. I added the lapbook pieces from homeschool share that went with that book.  Instead of the whole lapbook with the file folders I used a folder with pockets so they could add all the extras they did.

This is from a How to draw dinosaurs type book from the library.

These are little images of dinosaurs showing certain ones lived during certain times.

We did all the fossil projects from the kit.

They watched online videos of course we found quite a few

They played games

Over all I would say we learned quite a bit about dinosaurs!

Skylers finished folder

Resources Links!

Magic Treehouse Dinosaurs Before Dark
Magic Treehouse Dinosaurs Fact Tracker
Magic School Bus Time Of The Dinosaurs
What Really Happened To The Dinosaurs?

We also checked out a lot of encyclopedia type books to look stuff up

Magic School Bus The Busasaurus
Magic School Bus Gets Cold Feet

Magic School Bus Kit
Journey Through Learning Lapbook
Homeschool Share Dinosaurs  

Websites Games, videos etc.
Dinosaur Called Sue
Dinosaur National Monument
Dinosaurs For Kids
Cool Videos
More Videos
Funschool Dinos
The Dinosaur