Friday, October 28, 2016

A peek At our week 9!

Well our week started with a warning from my oldest!

Apparently the night before she didn't know how to kill the bug, so she trapped the bug and left us a warning. She is such an inventive girl!

This was Skylers last week with her Kitty Doodle journal. She was sad but excited to move on to a new theme. Next week she starts MINECRAFT! 

This was also her last week with space. She made a Mars Rover. 

We attempted a cool rocket only to find the pieces broken after we put it together, that was disappointing!

We made a telescope as well!

She made some constellations on the bathroom wall.

We also played with solar beads to show how the sun can change the color of certain things.

In pottery she painted her egg cooker and her pumpkin patch!

She did a BOO Halloween program where she volunteered as a helper! I am so proud of this. It is helping so much with her speaking skills, communication and team work! I adore our little library and the lady who runs all the programs. 

They put on this amazing shadow puppet show! It was adorable and I am so thrilled Skyler was allowed to help in that! It was based on the book called "Oh Yeah".

Fox is in between his journals right now waiting to pick a new one, so he is using pages from what was left of the Aspergers journal. 

Since he is learning about solar power he made some solar robots!

Damian is still moving on. Not totally thrilled but still trudging through! He has also started using the Dyslexia Games again because I am thinking it helped with concentration and handwriting.

This week he whipped up some devils food cupcakes from scratch! I was not fond of them but the kids sure were!

You have to excuse the messy house but, we live here! The other kids had no problem helping Damian either of course!! I feel this was a pretty quick light week! It is my first week back at any type of job so it has been a learning experience for us all! 

Friday, October 21, 2016

A Peek At Our Week 8!!!!

Seems like Skyler has a new friend to do school with! Her and her soft heart for strays is gonna get me in trouble one day.... He does enjoy the catnip she has grown though!

She of course still does her reading with Stella Luna! She is now reading the Professor Astro the Cat book about space now.

So of course I had to add a kit! You all knew that though, right? I adore science kits they are the best thing ever for homeschoolers! So we did some space experiments this week! We went into the closet a few times to learn about how your eyes adjust to the darkness, If it is easier to see white writing on black paper or white writing on white paper and we made a constellation viewer. I think the constellation cards that came with this are just adorable.

The Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

This is the first field trip I have managed this year. I think taking the boys was pushing it a bit! They spent most of the time telling me how bored they were. Skyler had a blast meeting up with other friends though so it wasn't a total loss. 

At least I got a smile out of Fox!

They jumped on a giant pillow. 

Skyler really enjoyed this rolling thing. We did it several times. Well, she did not the boys because they are just too big now. They repeated this over and over to me allllllll day!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Peek At Our week 7!!

Here are some highlights from our week and what we do when Mother Nature takes over! Always remember, we plan and God well, he laughs!!!

For Damian he made cabbage juice indicators in chemistry. We tested the PH of bread, vinegar, oil, water and a few other things as well. The smell of cabbage still turns my stomach by the way!

He also made some ice cream in a bag. He did not enjoy this it was messy and cold he said!