Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Countdow Day 6

Today we read The Family Christmas Tree Book and painted ornaments. It was pretty fun. One of the few years that they actually didn't paint more of my table than they did on the object LOL.

They enjoyed hearing all about the Christmas tree histories.

Damain even took his time painting his ornaments

Skyler of course enjoyed herself!!

 Yes he is still wearing the hat daddy bought him
These are Skylers a kitten on a present and a teddy bear with a star

Fox's were a tree and a Santa Claus
Damian made an elf and a puppy in Santa's boot! As an added bonus we watched Santa Claus The Movie. It is forever old. 25 years I think, it was my favorite Christmas movie of all time as a child and even though it is ancient by todays standards the kids are in there eating it up. They loved the story of Santa before he was Santa. They really liked the wooden toys and the elves. It really is a great movie that teaches about love and giving. I really liked it and I am so glad the kids are liking it too. Well Countdown will continue tomorrow.

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  1. My sisters and I loved doing this when we were girls. Last year my son did it for the first time and had a blast. Thank you for sharing your children's finished keepsakes. =)