Monday, May 28, 2018

Field Trip!!!!

           We had to take one more field trip this year and of course it was to the Gainesville History Museum! The new exhibit that is set up is all about bats and we LOVE bats! Yes, they are cool. No, they are not rats with wings! I used to feel very scared about bats but after learning about them I am just in awe of them. Bats are seriously cool and no, they won't suck your blood!

       The entrance was set up like a spooky mausoleum and it was awesome! I love spooky too and Halloween is my favorite time of the year!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Peek At Our Week 34

        For the next two weeks the kiddos will be doing a crime mystery! I had gotten this to review so that is to come soon! I thought this would be a fun end of year project and fits perfectly alongside all they had studied at Teen Police Academy. 

         They had fun learning about all the forensic evidence that can be used in a crime. They also knew quite a bit from doing the teen class. 

       Rhyli gets comfy wherever! The kids seem to enjoy being under the school table LOL. 

        One more week after this! I am also excited to say the two girls both received scholarships to attend a four week performing arts camp this summer as well! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Field Trip!!!!

        We had one of the most amazing field trips ever this week! We were able to visit Mystic Jungle Educational Facility. I love big cats and so do my kids especially Skyler. Cats are her heart and it is a calling for her in a big way. She would bring home a million if she could. She has plans to work with big cats so this was right up her alley and of course the other kiddos enjoyed learning as well. The best thing in my opinion is how personal this place is. 

        White tigers in my eyes are the most beautiful animals. When I was a little girl my great grandmother bought me a white tiger at a festival. He still has a spot on my bed all these years later and he is my oldest treasure. He has followed me my whole life and I have adored these tigers ever since. I thought it truly funny every time my son Fox walked by this habitat it would hiss! 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Peek At Our Week 33

        We are still trucking on through these last few weeks! Finishing stuff up and figuring out where to pick up in the Fall. My kiddos will still do school activities over the summer, Rhyli will not be here for that. She is planning on finishing her cursive book this summer. 

       Skyler has finished up another journal this year. She has adored the books she has read as well. She is finally starting to pick her own stuff instead of just telling me to get something!

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, May 11, 2018

Peek At Our Week 32

       I do believe I am tired of busy weeks! We got to see the miracle of birth when a pregnant cat was left at my work this week. No animal should be treated this way but I won't get started on that. The kids truly enjoyed seeing this and I truly enjoyed knowing we could help a little momma out! The kittens are just adorable. 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Peek At Our Week 31

       We had such a whirlwind week that I barely had time to snatch a few pics! The biggest thing this week was my oldest graduating from college!!!! With honors might I add!!! She will be off to University in the Fall to study law and I am so very proud!!! 

       My uncle is here this week as well so the room redo is getting some big things done to it. While the kids are doing school we are in there putting up walls, laying flooring and painting! Fox will be helping with almost all of it as well. Skyler decided to spend her afternoons painting her furniture. I hate painting furniture but she is gung ho so I am letting her ride with it!