Our Classroom

My schoolroom for the 2017-2018 school room is here!

Well I have of course changed things around again! I just made a whole post instead of the page so to see the classroom for 2016-2017 school year go here. 

I figure it is time to update this page!!! I just stood at the front of the room and walked in a circle taking pictures. I cannot believe how much my classroom has changed since we first moved here. Wow what a difference LOL

It looks so very full!!! 

That is a lot of nature type stuff. Skylers play dough and puzzle cubbies. Some of that is stuff the kids have collected over the years or we have picked up at places. 

More nature/sience type stuff as well as things they have made. I always use the stuff they make to hang around the school room. 

Skyler made that pirate ship last year and it has just kind of hung around ever since. Below that is the cubby that houses all the ocean stuff 

TV where we watch all the Math U See and any other movie we need to watch. Our piano that we have not used in forever and some of the pottery pieces Skyler has made over the years. The bottom of the shelf is music instruments. the big eye microscope that hooks into the TV and the shelf I am now using as a lapbook storage. 

This is artsy type stuff. Art books, projects they have made etc. One of those cubbies is full of poetry books for a poetry unit I keep saying we will get too!! The readers the kids use every week are also housed there 

Science and math type stuff lives here. My Dr. Suess gang of characters also does. I will most likely always have a place for these!! Little Organ Annie also still hangs around even though the kids are long since done with her. Every time I have mentioned passing her on the horrified looks scare me!! Skyler still talks about sleeping with the pancreas. 

Our giant library shelf! BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS and more BOOKS!!!! It also holds all of the science kits I have 

This is th geography area. It has all things geography on it. 

Last but not least my continent boxes. I have worked on these for almost two years now!! They still are not completely done one day I should do a post on them. Well that is about it as far as my school room goes for this year. 

The Original Class room when we first moved here. 

( Update for 2012-2013 While the classroom is still basically the same set-up I have redone a bit for our Magic School. The new pictures are here.)

Well I basically stood at the entrance to my classroom walked in and did a round the room look taking pics. So this is the view you get upon entering the room. Huge table in the middle is a gift from my mommy she got at an auction. It is actually a science lab table from Harvard from when they got new. I felt it fitting that it is now my little schools main table.

 Upon turning to the right you see the nature area and all it's stuff. You can see more detailed info about that area here on my nature blog.
 Past the nature center we come to the big windows. The chains hanging across are for drying artwork. The milk crate shelves house art books such as Come Look With Me and an artists game from homeschool in the woods. The little brown shelf that is empty right now will house art projects that are bigger than a piece of paper. The board on top kinda travels around to wherever I use it with whatever kid. It is for All About Spelling.
The corner. This TV is used for their DVD piano programs, Simply Music and Kinderbach. It is also used for Math U See DVD's and any other school type movie we may want to watch. The yellow tote at the bottom holds all kinds of music instruments.

 The back wall is where our workboxes live. Also our calendar.
This is science type area and is all done up for the human body study we will be doing in the Fall. It has been a challenge to find things all the ages here will be into. The bottom shelf is home to math items. Scales, weight rocks, fraction books etc.

 The two dolls there are so cool, they actually have a purpose. The red one is Little Organ Annie. If you open her up the stuffed organs are removable. My daughter likes to sleep with the pancreas. Her brain is also removable. The doll in white is actually mine from child hood. This doll if memory serves was ripped off the market. She is a mommy doll. She has a baby that fits in her belly pouch and she gives birth. She also comes with a little baby scale.
On to the left side of the room you see this giant wall unit that has just about everything on it. Science kits on the top that don't show in this picture. My prism microscope that is covered with blue dust catcher and all kinds of books.

Further on and the end is the geo center. You can check more about that here on my travelin blog.  The plastic totes there on the floor are our beginings of state boxes.

That is our classroom. I have tried my best to blend it with ages 6-12 so it is a mis mash of age activities. We enjoyed setting it up and am grateful everyday that thanks to my parents I have this wonderful space. The only thing you don't see are the kids "lockers". They are milk crates stacked on top of each other where they keep their school books and binders and such. They are in the office area which is totally trashed from redoing our schoolroom lol.


  1. wow, you put my school room to shame! Your set up is so great! I wish I had that much room to put things up. I plan on decorating and adding things on the wall this summer.

  2. Very nice room! I like how you divided it into different areas.

  3. LOVE the skeleton!

    We're doing Apologia's Exploring Anatomy this year. Hence the over-enthusiasm. :)


    Raising Little Rhodies

  4. Love all the "little touches" in your room!

  5. Wow!! I love your school room, it really looks great. I hope someday mine looks like this :)