Friday, June 8, 2018

Summer School Fun With Skyler!!!

       Very last minute but Skyler was able to join a summer program for four weeks this year! This is a huge thing in my opinion for her! Skyler has never done a class or anything else for that matter without one of us near by. Even Zoology at the museum this past year I was waiting in the parking lot. For her to be away from all of us all day is a big deal to her. She was for sure scared when I dropped her off. She's got this though! She is an amazing good hearted child and I know she is going to love it!!

       She is the baby and let's be honest we are all guilty of treating and sheltering her as such! She is the youngest and they all watch over her. She was basically the first to ever be a free spirit child. With one of us of course! She has always been an artsy type kid so going to The Melting Pot For Performing Arts was right up her alley! She is already doing so many fun things and it has only been a week! She had a rough first day but by lunch was all smiles and laughter! The thing with this place that besides the FUN she is even doing school work. Yep, she just can't get away from it even on break! Math stops for no kid!

Summer School With Fox

       Summer has come! So it is take a break time from all the hard stuff and do some other stuff! Who am I kidding, we are still doing math which is the hard stuff and creative writing. Writing in any form according to Fox is the worse thing imaginable but hey, we have to get those skills somehow! I really did want it to be all boyish for Fox this summer and to do his own thing apart from his sister. The Thinking Tree which I use throughout the year came up with a Wild Wilderness Adventure Handbook. It is like a survival guide, science book and i thought it be perfect for Fox. It focuses on survival skills and outdoor safety. 

      He is going to learn all about different plants in the outdoors which can be pretty helpful if you are ever on a camping trip! How to build fires, make shelters, purify water, first aid in the wild and a ton of other stuff! My plan is at the end of summer try to get someone to take him actually camping or I may just let him hit the back yard and forbid him to come in for the night! He wants to have me drop him off at the river for two days but I am not so sure about that right now. Regardless he will have a great summer learning and having fun. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Our Review of New American Cursive 3 by Memoria Press

     When the New American Cursive 3 (Famous Quotes & Lessons on Manners) by Memoria Press became a review item I knew I just had to have that for my cursive loving kid! Knowing this program was developed by Iris Hatfield who has over 35 years of experience in the handwriting field was even better! 

 Rhyli absolutely has loved learning cursive this year! She had just finished the first book she had been working on when this one became available so this was a big thrill! Since we have used Memoria Press products in the past I was sure this would be a winner as well and I was not disappointed! Memoria Press is a true quality Christian Curriculum. She was happy to see a new cursive writing book with new things for copy work. 

Monday, June 4, 2018

Our Review Of The Critical Thinking Co.

The Critical Thinking Co.™
Since the kiddos are so into law enforcement right now when we were given the opportunity to review Something's Fishy At Lake Iwannafisha by The Critical Thinking Co. I jumped on that chance!  This just looks like a very fun activity to do! It is a Whodunit Forensic Mystery!


The book is designed for grades 5-12 so it was a perfect fit for all my kids ages to do together. The kids can work in a group yet one child could do this activity as well on their own. They get to solve a crime mystery! They get to learn all about different forensic evidence and how it is used in a criminal investigation by reading about 20 pages giving an overview on the different types of evidences and how it can be used. Once they have read about that they use their critical thinking skills to solve the mystery!

Friday, June 1, 2018


       WE MADE IT TO OUR LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!  We even did some school! The kiddos did some math, this will continue this summer anyway. They also worked on the Critical thinking mystery, Lakeiwannafish. It has been a long year with so many changes!