Saturday, May 21, 2016

Thinking Tree Review!!!!

I am completely thrilled to be reviewing another amazing product from Miss. Sarah at The Thinking Tree. She was so kind to give this book to Skyler in exchange for a review. We have been so blessed by her kindness this school year. My plans for these books for next year are in the making! 

This book is different than the journals. It is a creative writing and research book. The kids pick their animal and they can either research it or make up stories about it. Skyler LOVES telling stories. Writing them not so much. What we do is before she writes we rough up an outline so to speak. This is all her ideas none are mine. At this point while yes I believe grammar is important I am also wanting her to enjoy writing so we are just focusing on that. 

Let the creative juices flow!! So far she has done two stories but has ideas for quite a few more!

Isn't the art work beautiful? This book is black and white drawings and of course Skyler had to color them!

After the first story she came to me and said, I used pencil to fix whatever you say. That is when I knew I had to not say LOL. This is for her to enjoy to have fun to be creative and enjoy the process. This is not a lesson in how to be right. So you can see by the second story she happily used her pink pen and wrote much more!! WIN WIN!!!! 

This is the first lesson I have learned from Miss. Sarah, it is not always about doing it  the right way it is also about letting our kids go at times and just have fun with it. There is so much in life that has to be the right way, that causes kiddos undo stress. Let them play, let them write, let them just be kids!! While this was a free product in exchange for a review I am giving you my most honest heartfelt opinion!! 

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Peek At Our Week!! Week 11 Semester 2

The week was busy and full as usual! Damian has finally moved into another math book, Fox and Skyler both have passed lessons in theirs and we had our last week of co-op. No pottery this week that was a nice little afternoon off! We also went to learn about bats at the library! We love bats, this is the second field trip this year that has had to do with bats! 

We do school all over the house!! Damian is still working in his new journal, review to come soon I hope, time permitting that is. 

Skyler is still working in her journal for 2 by The Thinking Tree. She has also doing her creative writing in her writing research book also by The Thinking Tree (My Review). It is animal based so you know it must have been made for her.

We also watch cats play when we are bored LOL. 

Forgive the mess but my children are busy making memories. We live here it is not perfect all the time. I aim for empty trash, washed laundry and happy kids on most days! On to our field trip. BATS BATS BATS did I mention we love bats!!!

Fossils are always cool.

Blurry pic but this little guy is just heart stealing. Bats are amazing creatures so if you have issues with them take some time to research them. They are also more closely related to humans than rats, who they have nothing genetic wise in common with. So calling them rats with wings is fairly uneducated!!

For co-op we had homework! We had to build a machine to squeeze toothpaste out of the tube. This is what my very un creative kiddos came up with and yes I am proud. Fox is my builder so this was a challenge for them.


For co-op this week it was all about electricity. All of the activities we did plus more are posted on the amazing Miss. Shannons site.  

Look at Damian HE IS LAUGHING!!!

We learned about static electricity what fun! The little girl above really enjoyed her self!

Played a game about the flow of electricity when we flip the light switches. 

We lit lights with a battery and played with some snap circuits. 

It was the last co-op class. That was kinda sad cause we had so much fun. I loved all the new moms I met and cannot wait to see them all again.

To finish up our week Fox and Skyler made Miss. Shannons Egyptian Bread. We learned this in another co-op run by Shannon a few years ago and it is a favorite for Fox. He also completely adores Shannon so that is why it is called her bread not just bread!

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Monday, May 16, 2016

MAM Monday week 11 semester 2

We started something new for math today. It is a math project with a cafe theme. It is a nice change of pace from the games and everyone got a candy bar!!

They do all kinds of math in this projects as well as get a bit creative and hopefully have some fun!!

We also finished our See The Light Paper Jungle. I really wanted them to take all the time they wanted finishing this up so no music today other than the CD of classical we listen too anyway.

That is a close up of Skylers project. The boys were not too thrilled with being called back for a picture!

We also had a visitor today. He lives out behind the barn and every now and then he actually comes right up to the house. So the kids bring him in and let him walk around sometimes then take him back. 

Yes Stella licks all her new friends!

Stellas fur also became the object of fascination for Skyler so she got out the eye clops to see it even closer!

We also set up her little one person tent so she can have her own hide away. She loves to build forts that sadly wind up having to be taken down so this is just perfect for her! Mischief seems to like it as well.

It is awesome and the best part FREE!!!!! We do a monthly home school swap where people swap stuff they no longer need or want and Skyler snagged this cool little tent. Being that it is pink that is almost a given!


Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Thinking Tree Review!!!!!

I received this amazing book for free in return for a honest review and we are having SO MUCH FUN!!!! We have been using it for a week now and just adore it. We had our library trip for new books because she wanted all new books for her new journal! Introducing the Laura and Leah's Journal For Two

The really neat thing about this book is that it is a journal for two. You can use it with a big sister, a friend or as we are with mommy! Skyler is 11 almost 12 and she still loves doing things with mommy! I pretty much let her be the boss and how the "work" is divided LOL. She does the most coloring and all the drawing of course. I make up math questions and write the stories she dictates to me. 

She isn't big on writing stories she likes making them up though so I am fine with this. We took a break from her other journal to use this because she did not want to wait LOL. I have no idea how we will schedule doing the other journal because she is kind of torn over which one to finish first. I am in the whatever you want to do as long as you are doing something mind!

So to share some of her wonderful pages we did....

Make up a story page

Measure a fairy for the math questions

Each of us colored the letters in our names

She has fun finishing the comics

She did the top problems I did the bottom problems and we both colored on the fairies

She always wants to draw animals!

She has started using drawing books this week to help her make them more real she says.

She measured her mouth!! For her spelling words she is correctly spelling the words from the poetry book Runny Babbit by Shel Silverstein.

Here is another story

On this page I wrote messages and she colored.

This is a watch a video etc type page. Skyler chose Peter Rabbit. She loves Peter Rabbit and said he belonged in her journal!

We have used this book for a week and again we are both having so much fun with it. Of course I did the usual questions for her as far as three things you like about this book.

1. I get to do school with my mom

2. I get to color really cool pictures

3. It is really fun to make up stories and have mom write them

So there you have it our opinion of another amazing book by Miss. Sarah at The Thinking Tree. Please visit her brand new site and learn more about not only this book but many others!!! Hint This book is on a major sale at the time of this post SO GO!!!!

Once more I received this book free in exchange for a review of my honest opinion.