Friday, August 10, 2018

Summer Week 10

        We sure did learn about bees this week! Skyler is pretty big on bees, I mean they are a friend of the fairies after all! The first thing we did was learn how bees smell. She had fun picking stuff out of the spice cabinet to use for this one!

         She made little cups and had to close her eyes to smell and guess. She had to do this two times to see if she got them right each try and she missed on the second! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Saving A Spot

 Pictures of all four have been rare the past few years. This picture was back in 2015. My oldest hates the pictures I take of her. I suppose that is normal. While she is missing from many pictures she was there. Some where in the back ground she was there. We went to the zoo the other day and she really wasn't there though. She was sick and didn't get to come, but I took the normal picture with a turtle like we do every trip to the zoo. I got home and starting looking at all my pictures and how the kids were posed and if they smiled, ya know the mom stuff we do after going on an outing and I noticed something with the new picture. 

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Field Trip

        I bet every kid that has ever been to the Jacksonville Zoo has a picture like this! My kids have several, I think they should start a wall of fame at the zoo for all the kids pictures. I am sure many kiddos have literally grown up alongside this turtle! We really like taking the same picture at different times to see how things have changed through the years. This is the first zoo turtle picture my oldest isn't in. I didn't realize until later when looking through them that the kids still grouped together as if there were another child there. They have been a group of four and i don't think they will ever stop expecting her to be there. 

       Giraffes are one of the coolest animals ever and I love taking pictures of life size models next to my kids. It makes it seem like they are still small!!

       We stopped off at the gift shop first, we just had to hunt around!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Summer Week 9

       This week Skyler finished her Shakespeare Globe Theater! She was pretty pleased with herself too!

       She also did a bit of work in her fairy gardens. The plate is for bees to have water she is calling it a bee lake!

        The fairy cook book came out and she whipped up some treats!