Thursday, September 14, 2017

Our Review of Carole P. Roman Books

   We were so excited to receive these books by this amazing author! I had never even heard of Carole P. Roman before now but as soon as I saw the books I just knew they would be a perfect fit for the girls! I am so grateful to have been shown these books. She was so kind by sending us three books to read and review. Carole has a few different series available so I am sure you can find one to match with your child's interests. We of course chose books from the If You Were Me And Lived In....Historical Series. These books are geared towards ages 8-15. My children all enjoy history books but sometimes they are so hard to find. Most history books read like a dry text so when I can scout out books like these I tend to get a bit excited! 

My children are all very visual as well so the illustrations in these books were a major plus. Even though my kids are older they all enjoy beautiful art work that gets harder and harder to find in books for them that are not picture books. These are beautiful books! 

Carole P Roman

Friday, September 8, 2017

Peek At Our Week 2

     Week 2 is done!!! It was a full week too at that! It seems like it is always a full week since the whole FUN-SCHOOLING thing started. Fun-school is a term coined by Sarah Janisse Brown the Thinking Tree author who I truly adore. It can look a bit different for every family and this is a week in the life of my kiddos. What does fun-school look like for my kids? Well we do nature science every week. Why? Because the girls love it. They love that time going outside looking at trees. leaves, clouds, bugs and whatever else they come up with. They really like coloring outside as well. 

     By the time they come in they are pretty relaxed and cheerful and ready to move on to whatever it is that comes next. Even at 12 and 13 they still need to get the wiggles out so to speak. Yes my kids have a say in what they learn to a big degree, yes they have a say on where they do school as well. They may start at the table and end up on the floor! I have been asked before how do you ever expect your kids to know how to act in public and I can honestly say I have never had an issue. My children are kind, loving, respectful and helpful. 


Friday, September 1, 2017

Peek At Our week 1

      Well we had our first week and no one had a nervous breakdown! Yay for that!! We are easing our way in to a full schedule so we didn't hit on everything this week. Hopefully when we do no one has a nervous breakdown! Sadly, Fox was attacked and bitten by a dog Monday evening so his week was very limited. No major damage done just plenty of pain and anger towards a neighbor who knew her dog was aggressive and let it loose anyway. 

     The girls had a blast using the new Nature Study book by The Thinking Tree. I fell in love with these books almost two years ago and we still use them heavily in our school. I also love Sarah and her thoughts on education for kids! Her ideas are truly wonderful and child led. They have changed everything in our school!

     We also started our Author Basket this week for literature. We are studying Shakespeare and some of his plays and such. My goal with this basket is to introduce an author every two months or so to the kids. I found some fun things for this author as well! Magnetic words, paper puppets, coloring book and even mad libs!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Back To School Party!!

     School has begun!!! Today was our back to home school party! We had make your own ice cream sundaes and pizzas! We also have a new friend joining us for the year so Skyler is pretty excited she is going to have a buddy every day and Fox is wondering how he got surrounded by two little girls LOL. 

      You of course cannot have a party without decorating so the girls took over that job!