Friday, January 9, 2015

week 16 weekly report

We missed Wednesday and still had a FULL week!! I am way behind on my blog this is week 16. I never blog, but I facebook alot so that maybe counts,right?? OK I am a blogging failure and I was so excited to have a blog years ago. I just usually have 5,000 things to do on any given day. My friend Linda Rose at Rose Academy and Sew Happily Ever After (ok so she is like my bestest friend we were most likely related in a past life) she blogs and reminds me all the time that I should so do a blog update. I don't get it she gets to see their shining faces on facebook every single day, I suppose to her it is not the same. This post is for her.

Just so everyone knows we do math, spelling, grammar and of course reading. I just rarely take pictures of those things but we do them every day just like a good little student. Those things are just kind of the gotta get through it things to me. I love history, science and lately geography. Those things scream fun projects and awesome books to read!!! That is where my handy dandy camera comes in because I have had cameras in these kids faces since birth! Thank God things went digital shortly after number 4 because until then I was spending a fortune on film and developing.

So without further ado here is our week 16 in color!!!!!!!!

This week we started a geography study of the oceans. I chose Amanda Bennet Unit Study Oceans for this. First up was of course oceans and the animal we first studied was sharks!!!

Now, anyone who knows my son knows his complete adoration with sharks so we had no issue finding a shark book or more LOL in our home library.  

   I can see him as a toddler running around with this giant shark toy we had as a bath toy. Truth be told we still have that shark in a box of tub toys that technically my youngest don't play with anymore but I have had a box of tub toys since my oldest (17) was about six months old. I can't see my bathroom without it!! We started reading Explore Earths 5 Oceans for some ocean facts. This helped us to do our lapbook pieces from the two different lapbooks I am using pieces from. Homeschoolshare has a lapbook for the actual unit study I am using. I also found stuff at Iman's homeschool blog. Moving onto sharks, again we have a few shark books. We read the general information in the Dive Into Sharks up close and personal book. The kids enjoyed it. It also was used in the filling out of lapbook pieces and questions from the unit study. I have continent boxes so we put together an ocean box to go with those as well. I had no shortage of sea animals for that either. Once upose a time Lakeshore Learning and I were very very good friends!!

The shark we really learned about was the hammerhead. The kids watched a video and made a notebooking page about them. Video was found in google by searching hammerhead sharks videos.

A moment in our world has free shark notebooking pages as well as 3 part cards. I also bought a Perils of the Deep science set for them to play with. The experiment we did this week was on density with a skull.

Skyler of course had to take forever decorating and coloring her notebooking page. Of course she then took off with it before I could snap a picture! That is all the ocean work we managed this week. Onto history!!!! Our Story Of The World took us to Ancient Egypt. I could study this every day and never get bored in all honesty. I love all things Egypt.

I fell in love with this treasure chest kit!!! It has everything I think. We have had fun playing with it this week.

  We filled out a map of the different civilizations to use picture writing.

We read about the Rosetta Stone. We made clay tablets.

They made their  own cartouches 

We played Mehen and Egyptian board game. 

See the helmet in the background? It has becme a normal part of our school as of late! He got it at Christmas and won't let it out of his site!!!! 

They made their own pictures on actual papyrus from Egypt. I bought these at Rainbow Resource and the kids were tickled to see an actual MADE IN EGYPT stamp on the tags!!!

We moved on to the mummy chapter!! My kids love mummys too!! I know we could make a chicken mummy but that is not something I want sitting around my house for weeks on end. So we built a moveable mummy!!! We used the Scholastic moving model book.  This was a gift from aunty Linda Rose as the kids call her when they are being sweet!!! 

This model took way over an hour to put together. I think we all kinda started yelling at each other towards the end LOL. 

In Ancient Egypt they worshipped cats. I don't think our house is much different with our two. Mischief is being held by Fox and Mayhem is in Skylers arms. Both cats were strays rescued from different parking lots months apart. I have no idea if they could be related or not. The vet tells me Mayhem is a full white siamese and Mischief is a mix of that and something else. Either way we lucked out finding such beautiful kittens. 

We also made bread. This recipe comes from an amazing mom who does our co op lessons. She has all her lessons online for free for anyone to use. Did I mention she is amazing???? 

We made this at co op once he loved it but refused to put his hands in the dough to make it. I told him to do it for his favorite teacher Miss. Shannon (who wrote the lesson) and he did it. No I don't care his favorite teacher is someone else I am just happy anyone can make a good impression on this kid!!!

The finished product was good though!! We made two batches. 

We also got to our art lesson this week. We are using Atelier Art and we did the contour lesson this week. 

Here are both the pictures they made on my sad almost empty art wall LOL I really need to make art a priority!!!

The pictures of the cats are the recent works of art!!

We also added another picture to our Mary Cassatt works of art. They are doing this from their English Lessons Through Literature.  

Well that was our exciting week!! As usual I took way too many pictures so these are just a few if you would like to see the rest you can do so here

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Not so Wordless Wednesday

This is Mischief. We found her in a bank parking lot during a down pour. At home, we never know where we will find her!!!

In the game cabinet

Under the step stool

In a basket on the geography shelf

In the desk drawer

In the box for co-op things.

In a library book bag

She even tries to go in the printer. We have found her in all kinds of places, these are just the few we got picture proof of. She has been in the dishwasher, in the dogs cage, on a childs plate that was left on the floor, in the shelf of the fridge and in the washing machine. She is named Mischief and we call her the found cat.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Back To School 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week all 4 kiddos started school. One in public, one in private and two left at home! There were four, then three and now just two left. What will I do when they are all gone? I am just gonna worry about that another day! This week we had our party and worked on math and English for the rest of the week except on Thursday then we went to co-op. So this year I have a 7th and 5th grader home with me and a 10th and 12th grader out in the bog bad world! My senior refused any pictures thinking she is way too old for that sort of thing.

My baby girl Skyler!

My little man Fox!

My oldest son Damian!

                                                         And here are all 3!!!

Don't my boys look oh so thrilled that once again I am shoving a camera in their faces? I remember what little hams they used to be though! Now onto our super cool awesome party!!

and yes I had a BLAST setting this all up! I think it turned out cute as heck. So of course I got close-ups.

I think the adorable little library with the book house on top was my absolute favorite thing of all! The little house was a clearance craft at Michaels and Skyler put it together. I put some books for back to school and some others I had at home. The idea was each kid read 5 books and fill up their library card for a giant candy bar. Fox was the only kid who was playing along!

Completely in love with my little milk bottles! They came from Big Lots.

Cupcakes came from Walmart I am really not too crafty with icing! The little flags and wrappers came from the links at the end of this post!

Yep had to have crafts! Most were picked up at the dollar tree just little things here and there.

I painted just plain old place mats from dollar tree with chalk board paint.

School boxes filled with just little cutesy stuff nothing major.

Nothing says school lunch like a lunchable LOL.

They felt the need to change the decor!!

For school work on the first day Fox did some Dr. Who worksheets offline and Skyler made a horse lapbook.

One more cool craft!! The paper shirt! Fox helped me make each kid one and I think they were adorable.

Links to all the things I used from online, and everything was a freebie.

Lillian Hope Designs This woman is AMAZING!!!!
Catch My Party has awfully cute stuff
The oh so cool t-shirt!!
And my back to school pinterest board has even more neat ideas!

Hope our year is amazing!!!!