Friday, April 28, 2017

Peek At our week 27

     We had a totally full and busy week!! After being off for two weeks and all of us sick it was a welcome change! They had no issue getting back to journals and science kits.

   Fox is loving all the science kit use. I have pretty much given them free reign to use them whenever they want and he takes full advantage of it. He decided to play with some water on this one. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

What We Did Before The Sickness Came!

     Well two weeks ago started out pretty good! We had a Monday a pretty positive Monday but, by Tuesday they were both down for two weeks. Coughing, fevers, ears it was basically sick season at my house and when one started to feel better the other would spread it right back! It was ZERO fun and I hope never to have to do it again. With multiple kids and past history I am sure I will, but hey, one can pray!

     She is still working away in her All About Animals Journal. It is almost done and I have NO idea where to go next as there is no other journals dedicated to animals. I am sure we are about to have a heart broken kid soon. This week she had decided to use the science kit about the desert zone. Her first experiment was to learn about sand storms and how desert plants have adapted to life in that type of climate. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Peek At Our Week 26

    This week just flew by and before I knew it well it was just over! Maybe that means it was a good week! Skyler was setting all her stuff out Monday morning and I just had to take a pic of it since she went to so much trouble. She is really enjoying the All About Animals journal she is using as well as her other stuff. Skyler is a HUGE animal lover so when this journal came out I knew it was for her! 

     She of course has picked mainly animal type things for her studies I have tried to put a bit more in there for her. For the most part she is easy to please as far as reading and she likes the books she is using. Skyler is a slow reader so they take her a while to get through. She takes her time when she reads and she can tell you every small detail about her books characters. She is using Pignapped for her science as well as some science kits I found on ebay. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Our Review Of First Form Greek

     My son Fox was thrilled at the chance to use First Form Greek Complete Set by Memoria Press. This is a wonderful company who has classical christian curriculum. He is completely amazed by ancient history and when offered this as a review item he was delighted!

First Form Greek Complete Set
Grades 7-12

I cannot get over all the wonderful items that are included in this set either. It truly becomes alive with all the great tools included. He was so excited the day he started. He was all smiles which is so strange for a kid who hates school!