Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Little Elf

This is Little Elf. He is visiting from The North Pole to cause mischief. I actually got the idea from The Well Trained Mind  forum when someone talked about something called "elf on a shelf". This elf is forever old I remeber him on my Christmas tree so no he is not the exact one the stores are selling for 30 bucks! That elf also comes with a story book but we are just gonna kinda do this our way! So Little Elf wakes up at night when we are sleeping and will get into all kinds of mischief. This morning we found him with all the tea party stuff pulled out of the bedroom into the computer area having a tea party with the care bears lol. We have no clue when he will go home or what he will do next??? My youngest loves it she thinks it is the greatest thing. My 9 year old has tried to question him on what he will tell Santa when he goes home, my 13 year old just looked at me and said "really" and the 12 year old has totally ignored it period. Little Elf is just a fun little thing that makes them smaile and laugh, I do know that Jesus is why we celebrate and my children know that too, but I feel no harm is done with having a bit of fun this time of year and make some cool memories while we are at it. So we snapped a few pics of his party and the little note he left and as I read elves are bad spellers well sure enough they are lol. What fun things is everyone else doing?

Elves are pretty bad spellers as you can see!! I think this might be very fun.


  1. Thats too cute!! XOXO Have fun with little elf!!

  2. I love it! Your childrens reactions are precious! lol Have fun with your elf. I hope he isn't too naughty!