Monday, October 24, 2011

A pumpkin lunch!!

I have come to the conclusion I am slowly getting obsessed with making cute lunches. Yep that pizza is shaped as a punkin and those oranges have green stems! I used a bit of pipe cleaner there. I am also running out of cutesy cups! I am for sure making the whole Halloween themed on nest week!! Yes I well, the kids are excited!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Week 8

Yep I got creative with lunch this week lol. Those little bones are just too cute in the apple sauce grass with the pile og eggs dontcha think? I found ths site and fell in love. While I can't do all this all the time it was a fun thing to try. The kids adored it even my oldest thought it cool to have dinosaur bologna! The little cup just happened to be at Walmart for $.80 so who could resist that? While looking around the web I have seen some amazing creative lunches. I just think WOW that is some time to have. I also think I would get burned out pretty quick and it wouldn't be fun anymore. The kids call it fun lunch and I already have the whole pumpkin theme going on in my head for nest week!!

We worked on the basic stuff this week of course. First language Lessons, Math U see, Pathway Readers for the boys, All About Spelling and Explode the Code for Skyler. She is doing pretty good in math as of lately. She was such a struggler last year until I finally gave up and just stopped all formal math. She played games and found a new favorite movie, Mathtacular. She really likes this and will watch it over and over. It must have helped something click because she has been doing great with math this year. She even took her first Unit Test and only missed 1. YAY SKYLER!!!
Of course we did science this week. Alot of bone work! They had fun with this. Science seems to be all their favorite. They love Brainpop and experiments and seeing things you just don't see everyday! Bones is really great to be doing right now so close to Halloween. We love Halloween here. Trick or treating and dressing up like super heros. They love to see others costumes as well. I was pretty thrilled to see the 14 year old still wanting to dress up. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle of all things, and I may be a bit biased when I say she makes one beautiful mutant! Halloween is amazing to us. The worls is falling asleep for Fall and scary movies. We love it! They also got to go to a pumpkin patch today and if I figure out how to get the pics off my phone I will post those. They even had little picture stands setup with hay stacks and backgrounds. I was sad to have forgotten my camera.

They also did some nature study as well this week and one activity here fit great with our bone study! Fox and Damian are still working through lessons 18-19 in Math U See they just don't seem to be able to add multiple numbers. Fox did have a break through on Thursday though which was wonderful. He gets angry with math and I can so relate because I HATE numbers. Math is a fight and it always ruins our day. I told him the angrier he got the worse it was. Thursday he sat down and he said I will not be mad. Well instead of getting every problem wrong he only missed some. I corrected them and gave it back to re-do waiting for the never came. He was so proud he actually got some right he was happy to correct them. When he got them all correct he looked at me and said, "you told me not to be mad so I didn't get mad and you were right mom and look I didn't have all the problems wrong and it didn't take all day".

That was too amazing to hear from him we have a rocky relationship! That made my day. It was better than pizza, a new book even a shopping spree. Moments like that make all the aggravation seem worth it somehow. Makes me feel what I do everyday matters. Well it was also crazy to see that both boys have really had some growth spurts as of today all their jeans are wayyy to short! See another reason to love Fall, SHOPPING!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 7

Well we are on week 7 and it feels like we are already behind! GRRRRRR The boys are really struggling in math seems they have both been stuck on the same stuff forever. We did manage to get through week 4 of science though so thats good! Sometimes our days go wonderfully smooth other days it is like a HUGE battle. We were lucky to get through the basics this week with all the bahaviors my wonderful little boys had. We did have a good science week you can read all about it here.