Friday, May 5, 2017

Peek At Our Week 28 and a Butterfly Filed Trip!

       Well our week started with me still recovering from the sick! Skyler was lucky enough to go on a field trip to the museum and learn all about butterflies! 

     She even learned how to mount them and got to bring it home! It was beautiful. We love butterflies around here.

     She also learned all about the different types of plants that attract butterflies as well. She got to bring one of them home too. As soon as we get time and some weather that isn't terrible we plan on planting it outside. 

      She did some science experiments about how the plants adapt in the rain forest since the soil nutrients get washed away from so much rain. That was pretty interesting. 

     She found a new movie to watch for movie time. It is called The Vet Life. She gets to watch all kinds of stuff that goes on in a vets office. Which is pretty helpful since she wants to be one someday!

     For cooking this week the kids used their Yum-School cook book and made four layer candy bars. They were very involved and time consuming, but the kiddos of course had a blast!

     Fox has also found a new show to watch called Origins, The Journey of Mankind. It is all about different aspects of man. One episode was about how man started with making pictures, going to forms of writing and ended up with technology of today. It is a really cool show!

     Skyler enjoyed playing with a set from her fashion basket this week. Of course she picked something that has to do with animals!

      Fox also made his Egyptian bread. He was taught how to make this a few years back in co-op and it stuck. He loves this bread and would make it every day if he could.

     They both worked in their Thinking Tree Geography books. Skyler is learning about Chicago and Fox was learning about Alaska. 

     Always the project helper! Fox painted and put together some portraits for Skylers Hogwarts wall in our school room! I think they turned out great! 

     It was a pretty fun week for us!

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