Saturday, May 20, 2017

Inventors and Inventions Basket

     The Inventors and Inventions Basket! This basket was ideally made with my son in mind because he loves to mess with stuff and build things. All though if my daughter shows any interest in it she is free to use it as well. What I try to do is give Wednesdays and Thursdays for the kiddos to explore their baskets or do any kind of research for things that are of interest to them. The majority of this stuff came from my book shelves! 

      These kits I did buy. Amazon sells them but I found a seller on EBay that had buy two get the 2nd 25% off and they were cheaper than Amazon to start with and free shipping as well. I like these kits because there are no directions just a box of pieces and ideas. MANY pieces!

     These again were all books from my shelves. I am big on using what I already have if possible! 


     The movie and the game in this picture I did buy special for the basket. I found the movie on EBay for less than five bucks! Both of my kiddos enjoy it as well. The game we forgot we had so we are going to take it out this week and play it. 

     Now for the Leonardo Da Vinci items. My kids have always enjoyed learning about him. A few years back we went to a big museum exhibit about him and his inventions. I will usually buy anything on him for my kids. We are planning on having a Leonardo day at some point!

     These are all printed pages from various Thinking tree journals. At one point the amazing author had a few of her journals on her site as pdf files and I  bought them all! Sadly they are no longer offered, I am hoping that changes though in the future! These are pages I thought would just be a fun add too the basket. The kids can look them up and research them. It also requires a bit of thought! 

     Once again I highly advise you to go to Sarah's blog and read her ideas and thoughts on teaching your kiddos. Our school is a much happier place implementing Fun-School!! I also have posts about our Author and Fashion History baskets to check out!

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