Friday, May 19, 2017

Peek At Our Week 30

     As usual it was a full week around here. The kids were busy busy doing school, making projects and driving me crazy! Skyler has finished her All About Animals Journal but she isn't ready to let it go yet. I had to search through and find some pages she didn't finish to copy them and make her enough for the day. This has been her favorite journal so far. 

     She has finally wrapped up learning about Chicago in her Travel Dreams journal. Next week it is off to Hong Kong.

     She used her Fashion basket again and was thrilled to find a My Little Pony activity to do. Fox is enjoying his United States of America Journal. He does a new state every week. This week was Arizona. Skyler also got a coloring book for her Fashion Basket from The Dollar Tree and really liked it. 

     They decided to make chocolate chip cookies this week from their Yum-Schooling cook books. This is something I have never been able to master myself. The whole cookies from scratch escapes me in a big way. I will say ever since they have been doing this book Skyler is getting more confident in the kitchen and Fox is learning to allow her to do stuff as well. When we started I had to let them each make their own thing now they can do it together. 

     This is my OCD boy mixing chocolate chips into the batter. The noises he made were just priceless!

     We are still learning about Shakespeare with our author basket and this movie was amazing. Neither kid wanted to watch it but a few minutes in they were both mesmerized. I am hoping at some point I can get my son to keep a shirt on. I do try, it just seems to escape him most of the time. 

     Fox found out about fidget spinners and decided he would make his own out of Legos. So off to search some ideas!

     He ended up with two different fidget spinners. He still wants me to buy him one. 

     Fox actually got into doing some art this week as well. 

     He started using a new math program called UnLock Math. This is a review item so review to come. So far he is liking it. It is an online program and it has videos that he can watch again and again. I am noticing a trend with that. 

     He also had to get into my stash of science kits and play around. This time it was a motor boat kit. 

     I am contemplating after next week taking a break! I think it is time. Hope everyone else had a wonderful week as well. 

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