Monday, May 15, 2017

Author Basket

     I am sure by now anyone who actually reads my blog knows I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of The Thinking Tree. I really enjoy the authors ideas on teaching kids, letting them have some say in their learning and just about every other idea she has offered! She has personally answered a ton of e-mail from me answering questions about everything from learning issues to pet care! She knows my kids names and I just cannot begin to tell you how amazing and hands on she is with her customers. Not too mention her kindness! 

     So when she shared her latest idea all about baskets I jumped on that! The idea is to take a topic or maybe a subject and make a basket out of it. Now everyone does their own thing. Quite a few people have baskets for every subject. I have chosen to make baskets for a few extras. I plan to blog about them all and this one is The Author Basket. It will change every month or so. Basically when I notice my kiddos being bored with it. We started out with the most amazing play write ever! The Bard himself, Shakespeare! 

     Now I have always loved Shakespeare. I have always loved books. I truly hope to instill that into my kiddos. I also want them to read many different things not just what they see on the TV. So I collected some Shakespeare items and put together a little basket! Now your baskets can be anything. They can be boxes, baskets whatever you choose. I scored this big blue one at Big Lots after Easter with 90% off it was less than a buck! So win win in my eyes!

     This little puppet set was ten bucks at Rainbow Resource and it is adorable!

     I of course had to throw in some books! 

      These are just the coolest little things I found for just a few bucks on Ebay. 

     These were the best things I found. A set of Shakespeare stories that are just adorable! Again, used on Ebay for less than ten bucks!

     Here is my NON reader enjoying a book all on his own. He wants to see the movie now too! He has even looked up Shakespeare on his own. This is the priceless part. A year or so ago, the boy would act like I was killing him to read a paragraph. Now he reads multiple chapter books a month! So yes The Thinking Tree is amazing in my eyes! 

     Now if you would like to know more about the whole Flip To Funschooling idea please go to Sarah's blog and read until your heart is content. She explains it so much better than me. If you need Dyslexia help well, she has you covered with that too! Her ideas have truly changed our way of doing school. School is better, it is more child led and delight directed and well, as my kiddos say it is just funner now!!

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