Friday, May 12, 2017

Peek At Our Week 29

     Another fun week around here was about it for us! Fox had a blast learning all about Morse Code and making a little machine that actually worked. He played with it for hours spelling out different stuff. He started answering us all with it! 


     He also started using the new author basket I put together on Shakespeare. I love seeing my kids read!

     He worked in his geography learning all about Arizona. 

     Skyler is really digging the fashion basket! I am hoping this sparks an interest in learning to sew! 

     She is learning to trace patterns onto different types of decorated paper and make little clothes. 

     I think for her first try she did really well! 

     From their Yum-School Cook Books they made chocolate coffee cupcakes. I do not like coffee at all, not even the smell of it. I was skeptical but they were really good! I was also happy to see Skyler finally taking the lead and really doing things on her own finally. She usually just follows her brother so this is awesome.

     We did an experiment with her polar regions science kit about ice. What would happen to the oceans if the ice that is in the ocean were to melt. Would the oceans rise? We put two ice cubes in the little container and then filled up with water and waited....

     Now, the answer is no it would not raise the water level. The ice is already taking up room in the water so if it melted it is still the same amount of space. Now if the ice on land were to melt then the level would rise! So fun fun in the hands on learning this week!!

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