Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Fashion Basket

     This is Skyler's fashion basket! Skyler's main interest is animals I know, but sometimes I kind of have to lead her in other directions. Not to control her learning so much as to open her mind to other things. Other things can be fun and interesting as well. The whole idea, in my opinion, of fun schooling is giving your children a broad range of topics to explore. They won't know something is out there if they are never exposed to it. 

     Kids can become so tunnel vision in their ideas and interests they see nothing else so it is always good to introduce them to other things. Of course i had to throw in some animal type things though because I know she will love doing them!

     The Time Travel History Fashion Dreams journal by The Thinking Tree is what sparked the basket idea for this topic. This is pretty much her basket. My boy has no interest in it. I would encourage you though if your boy is interested in clothing designs and such you surely let him run with that! 

     This cute little clip board was a gift years ago from a neighbor. It has sat on her desk forever, I thought it fit pretty well in her fashion basket. 

     She is pretty much given free access to her basket to use whenever she wants. I will say this happens mostly on Wednesday when they do geography and personal interests. 

     Now the big question where did her stuff come from? Well the basket was ours given to us by grandma! A lot of her stuff was from EBay. You would be amazed how cheap people will sell stuff because the shrink wrap is gone or the box is bent. I also have found bunches of sellers for used books buy two get one free or other sales similar to that. We have a new Five Below store too and I have found some cute stuff there as well. 

     These stickers and the two spiral bound magazines were Five Below finds. The Paper Doll studio was on EBay for four bucks with free shipping!

     The books again EBay buy two get one free and usually they offer free shipping and the books are only like 3.95 each anyway. 

     Most of this stuff was Dollar General and even Dollar Tree! I think the Fashion Studio came from Amazon and was only 12 bucks! I am big on shopping around and finding the best deal. I also know how to wait to find things as well. I am all about the cheaper options. 

     That is pretty much it for The Fashion Basket! I hope it sparked some ideas. We have a few baskets at the moment. I have already posted about The Author Basket. Next up is The Inventors and Inventions Basket!

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