Friday, August 26, 2016

Our First Week Back To School!!!!!

We had our first week back!!! It was a full week to say the least! The kids have so many new things to get used to this year so it was a learning experience. I am sure after a few weeks it will all be second nature and we will be good to go!

Here is the first picture of the new school year! The boys look like they are ready to go back to bed.

Skyler looks kind of happy at least. This is the first year we will start out with The Thinking Tree products. We used some stuff at the end of last school year but this will be the first time they are a big part of their school.

Skyler used a drawing book because she wanted her cat to be realistic, then she added a donut shirt so not quite sure where she was going with that!

Fox will hopefully be completing a few different science kits for the physics unit this is what he chose to start off with. I hope it comes out good because it looks amazing.

Both Fox and Skyler enjoy the ball to sit on. They wiggle quite a bit and it seems to help with their concentration so I am  fine with it.

Damian still hates pictures the poor kid.

This is one of her science type books she reads for her Kitty Doodle Journal.

Wednesday is big cat day for Skyler. She uses the drawing and research handbooks that are made by The Thinking Tree to learn about big cats. On this day she does not do her journal. She picks one of the big cats researches it, does the pages and then finds videos for it. I think her tiger is amazing!

Here she is doing the Web Game Design Class from The Teachers Schoolhouse site and using the free program scratch.

His roller coaster may take a while there seem to be quite a few pieces.

This is how I found Skyler Friday afternoon. She started her week with cats and apparently finishes it off with one as well. HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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