Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Planning For Fox

Well planning for Fox is happening this time around! He will be doing a mix up of stuff as well. He will be starting out the year using his Thinking Tree ADHD journal this year. Like the other kiddos his is only a nine week plan. So things will change up again. He will also use the planner from The Schoolhouse Teachers site.  

Like Skyler he is starting with Creative Writing Made Easy only he is using the Spies of the Revolutionary War set. This is just a nine or ten week thing so he will move onto something else after this. Most likely he will move into IEW Level 10. His journal covers many many things but I still added some stuff as well. Fox tends to get lazy if he is not prompted. It is not a matter of boredom but a matter of playing the X box is way more fun than reading a book. If he can do something fun he will rush through his work and that is never a good thing!

For his language arts he will be using the English 101 site just like his brother. I also have the Glenco spelling and vocabulary and since I have it again why not use it? Math will be a continuing on of Math U See as well as the Thinking Tree, "Are You a Math Genius"?

I picked physics for him to start off with. I didn't buy an actual curriculum just kind of picked a Real Science 4 Kids text and added a bunch of other books and of course science kits! I also got the entire set of Popular Mechanics for kids movies and while they seem to be amazing I may add in some Myth Busters!

As far as history goes he will pick that I am hoping he starts out with some time around The Revolutionary War since his writing will be based on that time period. I also may add some classes from The School House Teachers site as well.

Along with the other two monkeys he will be doing a co-op that is for history, science and P.E. And with this kiddo my planning this quarter is over!!!!!!!

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