Friday, September 2, 2016

A Peek At Our Week 2!!!!

What I don't get is that the start of the week is always pretty well clean, then something happens! My children call these some ones I don't know, somebody and not me.

I found these cool little cards and I am having them pull one each day to add in their journals. Review never hurts!!

Skyler is finishing up the cat anatomy book she had picked for her kitty doodle journal.

She is moving on to Professor Astros Atomic Adventure for a science book. Catopia was a book that was way too fun not to have her read with the Kitty journal!!

Fox is still working away with his roller coaster. He has made it clear he hates paper models and never ever wants to do another!!

Damian is still using Kahn Academy and doing well!!

Skyler is moving on with Multiplication Games by Thinking Tree. She enjoys the coloring and little games.

In more news Skyler is now volunteering at the library!!! She will help with kids programs, shelve books and work on speaking skills. I am hoping she does OK with the speaking part!!

Damian made marshmallows in his science. I stood back let him do it all, yes this was hard!! I am one of those just let me do it get it done kind of people so standing back is super hard!

This was a fun picture to catch. Basically the day Fox was born was saying, "Hello Water meet Oil" and expecting them to get along! These pictures are rare now that they are older so I truly treasure the moments I manage to catch with the two of them.

Not entirely sure what happened but they didn't seem to come out the way the directions said they would. They were extremely sticky and almost impossible to cut into squares. They also had a clearish liquid type layer all on the bottom.

I got a few more good pictures this week. All in all was a decent week. Damian is getting a hang of having it all planned and doing it on his own pretty well. So far so good!

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