Monday, August 15, 2016

Kitty Planning For Skyler

     This year Skyler is starting off with everything CATS!!!! She has cat science, cat math, cat history, cat art, cat language arts and of course her Kitty Doodle Journal by The Thinking Tree.

Skyler adores animals. Cats are one of her favorites. As soon as she saw the Kitty Doodle Journal she begged for it so I had to get it. I searched since last Spring to find anything she could use with a cat theme and I found quite a bit!! There were books for math about Penrose The Mathematical Cat, I found some Professor Astro Cat science type books, Uncover A Cat is a pretty science type book as well, and of course anything about cats in Egypt is awesome for history!! She will also be using several computer classes from School House Teachers. The first being a game design class.

She will also be using The Thinking Trees drawing and research guides for Wild Cats. She will be doing this once a week. So as far as feline fun goes she should have a blast!! For her main math she will be continuing with Math U See as well as Multiplication Games by The Thinking Tree. For her writing she is starting off with Creative Writing Made Easy. This will only last about nine weeks after this she will move on to a creative writing by The Thinking Tree.

She is using Easy Grammar as well. For her spelling she is using Spelling Time ages 10 and up by The Thinking Tree. This is way more than spelling. It also includes geography, science and even music!! In handwriting she is going with Cursive Around The World. It should take less than a year doing a letter a week.

She also takes pottery and will participate in a co-op this year for history, science and P.E. Hopefully she will have an amazing year. Since this is just her first nine weeks I will post again when she changes....HINT HINT!!!! It will be something with The Thinking Tree LOL

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