Friday, August 12, 2016

Skyler And Her New Project!

     Skyler decided she wanted to take her little furniture making skills a bit further. She wanted some stuff for her videos that was all her own so she took her birthday cash and gift cards and went shopping!! She bought a photo box, some scrap paper and some other odds and ends and got to making something pretty cool!

So she papered the inside of the box then put down doll-house carpeting. Yep you guessed it, she is making a room for one of her Littlest Pet Shops. This LPS happens to be from France and her name is Bridgette. Yes they all have names and back stories. What can I say my monkey is truly creative!

Here she is making some kind of pattern on a foam board. 

She made a four poster bed! Add some fabric scraps and viola!!

Bridgette has a bed!!

Every room must have a big window!

Here she is to add the decorations. Scrapbook stickers are great for this stuff. Excuse the messy we are busy creating <3

And it took her all day long but here she is all finished with her first box room and so very proud!!!

Not too shabby for her first creation!!!

Yep she wears ears these or the bunny hat but ears are a must for her. Yep she wears them in public too. Nope I don't care. 

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