Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Planning, planning and more planning!!! For Damian

      Well it is that time to plan for the kiddos back to school! Decided to start with Damian. 

Damian is not a mathy kiddo so I are going to use the Guest Hollow Chemistry in the Kitchen with him. Cooking is an important skill to have and not only will he be cooking he will be using math skills, life skills and even problem solving! 

I know you are thinking well if you bought the plan why not use it as is? The schedule is full of amazing books, projects, videos etc. and for one there is NO way we will get to do them all. Second if I handed him a schedule that full he would most likely get overloaded and do nothing, so it is way easier to write it out. 

Instead of endless worksheets and such he will be making use of the 12 subject portfolio by The Thinking Tree. I am also making him a planner to help with independence this year. I think this is a massive skill he needs some help with. I have always been way involved with their schooling so this year I am finally taking a step back. 

He is using the high school planner by The School House Teachers site. The coolest thing about this planner is that you can type into it and hit print! I got an awesome deal  last year and have kept the membership for this site. 

I also got him some science type kits to add along the way! I will forever be addicted to science kits I believe. 

I have to really spell it out for Damian on what he has to do. I LOVE The Thinking Tree products but sometimes I think he gets a little lost from having so many different choices. He is the kinda kid who does well with a routine and a schedule. I will be allowing him to pick whatever books he wants to read for history. He will still be picking out movies as well. I am not yet sure if he is going to use any of the journals to go along with everything else. 

It is very possible I may add one in. The portfolio is a BIG book and it seems to overwhelm him so I am dividing it into sections that he will use. But the journals offer so much practice on handwriting and many other things as well. 

For planning I basically look at how many lessons there are and divide them up. I also plan only nine weeks at a time. This allows me to see what is working and what is not working. Home school allows the kids a freedom to work with what best helps them. 

For math Damian is using Kahn Academy videos and practices as well as living books. In addition he will also be using Are You A Math Genius and The Money Journal by The Thinking Tree. He won't have an actual curriculum to work through. At this point I really am concentrating on math skills for life. I want him to have the necessary things he needs in the real world. 

For language arts Damian will be using English Grammar 101 online site. I like this site it is pretty straight forward and to the point. He also has several books he can read into as well such as Painless Grammar. For vocabulary and spelling he will be using Glencoes grade 12 books. I got them free and there is no reason not to use what I have if it works!

For writing he may use the IEW Level 10. My amazing bestie scored this and while she will use it she won't be using it this year so she is sending it to my boys to borrow. The post office loves the fact that I moved from Indiana since we are constantly sending stuff back and forth. 

He will be participating in a co-op as well for history, science and P.E. If I actually sit down and am left alone I can plan nine weeks within a day or two. I have really drug it out this year though with so many distractions! Well, that about wraps up Damians plan! Now to tackle the other two monkeys! 

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