Friday, June 30, 2017

School Room For The New Year!

     So as with any other summer I had to redo my schoolroom! Sadly in the middle of this my camera vanished so all I have is my phone now and the pictures are not the greatest! This is my schoolroom when you stand in front of the room. I just walk in a circle and take pictures. 

     I really tried to make it a funschool room this year! Their baskets are every where for different stuff and it is pretty open as far as they can do whatever they want at any time. I also had to include Skylers Magic School stuff as well. She isn't so much into Harry Potter the character more like the world he lived in. I believe education is more fun when you can add in what interests your child so their schoolroom reflects this. I also am big on decorating with their art and projects. 



     When you walk in the room and turn to the right you see the astronomy stuff or as Skyler calls it the Astronomy Tower! Space is something my kids are interested in year after year so we always have that stuff available. 

     My son did the planets a few years ago and they have never let me take it down! You can also see the same Magic School bus they have had since Skyler was a toddler. That is another thing that can never be gotten rid of. 

     I started making her a portrait wall like in Hogwarts. I still need to fill it up! 

     This is where all her Magic School stuff lives. 

     This is my favorite thing! The greenhouse I scored at 90% off!!! It is wonderful for Herbology. It is also great with keeping the cats out of her plants!

     This is the start of nature/science type stuff. 

     This was an awesome find! It is a CSI entomology set. This year the kids have a whole area for forensic CSI anatomy type stuff set up! 

     More of the nature and science stuff. Skylers potion maker is the odd thing on the top of the shelf! We plan on mixing up some chemistry this year too!!

     This is all the art and language arts type things. 

     On the right shelf is all the Language stuff. The author basket, writing prompt magnets and little help books. The poetry books live here as well and the kids Teach With Stamps items. On the left shelf is anything art related. Artist books, activity books and the fashion basket live here. 

     We also have a large collection of art prints. 

     This will become the CSI anatomy lab! I like having stuff just there for the kids to just play with when the mood strikes. Any forensic crime type stuff interests all my kids. This should be a fun year!

     That is all things math related on the blue milk carton shelves. The two drawer towers are all the science doo dads you can never find a home for as well as more math related stuff. 

     This is my giant library shelf! It houses most all history and for fun reading type books. The top is piled with more science kits than I think my kids will ever use LOL. I am a big science kit addict. 

     The little orange basket is going to be their calming basket. It has fidget spinners, fidget cubes, play dough, stress putty and will also have calm down gum and hopefully a little diffuser with some calming oils if I can find one I like for this space!

     This houses all things geography. I think there is also some history type crafty kits up there some where. The redo of the schoolroom has become kind of a summer tradition. The kids know when I start talking they are about to get a break for a while! 

     That is about it for the schoolroom! I am sure as the year starts and the kids make stuff and create it will get added too. For now though it is clean and organized which is a rare thing in this house so I am going to enjoy it!! 

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