Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Field Trip To The Farm

     One of our favorite places to go is Dudley Farms. It is almost an hour away and in our opinion worth the drive! Every now and then they do these programs and we try to make it a point to go, This one was Christmas in July. The kids made some crafty ornaments by hand just like way back when! There were three choices and Skyler made two of them. The first one being a cute little felt mouse with a candy cane tail. 

     Skyler adores little rodents so of course she made a mouse! Next up was some thick paper snow flakes. We make these just about every year for a school room decorations but these were a bit more because she used a pattern, this is something we have never done so it was pretty neat!

     We will be trying to get some patterns for this Christmas! There was another ornament craft making a little elf hat but as usual she just wanted to hit the farm! My kids know this place like the back of their hand by now so I have no problem letting any of them just take off. No matter how many times we visit it is still the most fun seeing the grounds and walking through the house! 

     My kids have made up all kinds of stories of what has went on at this farm. They tell me about how the certain trees were just perfect for kids to climb up in and read books. Skyler tells me stories of the once little girls who planted the flower gardens and all the cool games they must have made up and played!

     This is Skyler at the old tobacco barn. 

     Here she is taking a picture with one of the beautiful plants outside of the house. The house that is over 100 years old. My kids love this house. They have to look at every single detail and read every single thing inside no matter how many times we visit! They also get a huge kick out of the clothes all the volunteers wear. Skyler always says she don't know how girls played wearing them dresses! 

     She also enjoys siting on the porch and for whatever crazy reason she likes hearing the screen door slam. 

     I personally am still in awe of the kitchen! The kitchen is a completely separate building and the stove is just to die for! Those cast iron skillets are pretty awesome too! I love the days when they have the volunteers in their cooking stuff, seeing it all working is just amazing!

     Another part my kids really enjoy is the General Store. The shelves are still full of old timey stuff and there is even shoes for girls. Skyler says she don't see how little girls played in those shoes either! When I pointed out to her there were no dresses only bolts of fabrics for making them she was shocked. It was hard to imagine that you couldn't just go in a store and buy some clothes!

     She also enjoys posing with the giant leaves!

     She finished her visit with a picture at the sugar cane syrup complex. My son Fox can drink this stuff like it is soda!

     The farm was established before the civil war and a visit is like a step back in time. We love the peacefulness, the history and of course the stories the lovely volunteers have taken time to tell us over the years. I love seeing my kids run all over the farm seeing every little thing like it is always brand new. It is a wonderful place to visit. 

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