Friday, February 24, 2017

Peek At Our Week 21

     I feel like our week is so very full and busy until I write a blog post! Then, I feel like we accomplished nothing. I hope I am not the only home school mommy that feels that way! Skyler has started using her drawing books again to go along with her journal. She is still going through the Mine Craft one seems like it has taken forever! She has so many more journals to use I just want to do them all. 

      Fox decided the floor is his best place for school lately. I am not complaining in any way. I am in the "whatever works" camp. 

      This is one of the math type books the kiddos use for their math pages in their journals. At this time between that and Kahn Academy that is all we are doing for math. We have completely hit a stone wall for Skyler in dividing and for Fox in fractions so Math U See is getting shelved at the moment. 

      She finally finished the fossils book she was reading. I am sure Stella our cat helped out with that, or at least Skyler says so. She also had her second week of Magic School fun! Those are fun days, I get excited for them. 

      I promise are days are truly full and we are always busy! Between school, volunteering and anime class I don't think I breathe most days! 

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