Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Felld Trip!!

     The wonderful MOSH Museum in Jacksonville had a traveling display about Ann Frank. This also happens to be a book Fox is reading for school so we had to visit! It was not disappointing in any way. It was powerful though. The images from the art gallery were quite haunting. I had to hold back tears seeing it all. It was hard reading the timeline of the life of Ann Frank. It started with such happy pictures and notes. I truly enjoyed seeing the diary in real life that was heart breaking though. 

     She as well as millions of others never deserved what was done to them. Part of me never wanted my children to learn about these types of things in history. But regardless of the feelings it causes they should learn. They should learn when they are young so from that time on they would be the kind of humans who would never let this happen again. 


     Here we are in the art room. All of the art is Holocaust inspired. It is all beautiful in a haunting way. I am the girl who loves horror movies. The monsters and the fear! The bloodier the better. When faced with actual life events I just want to cry at the tragedy that was done. I am not afraid of vampires or werewolves, I am afraid of what humans can do to other humans. 

     I loved how Fox could explain things to his sister. 

     After leaving the art room we saw some more of the museum! Skyler would like to pet a real whale now!

     Even the boys could not help them selves from playing in the energy area!

     Something tells me that if this dino was alive she wouldn't have been able to pet him!

     In true Fox fashion he will find something that has to do with the military!

     Fox and I decided that the space theme art reminded us of Dr. Who!

     This is Ann Franks diary. The exhibit was strangely quiet. The whole room was set up with a giant time line and I am not sure why but for some reason I didn't take any pictures. At the end of the room was a wall where you could leave notes. We didn't leave any, what could I say? Not only am I sorry for how you were treated there, I am sorry that my country turned so many of you away? Again, I am at times disgusted how humans have treated other humans through out history. 

     They had the history of movie making exhibit set up and the kids all had fun here!

     My kiddos in 3-D

     He just had to have a pic with the monster!

      Now she wants to pet a real live one!

     We took a walk by the fountain before leaving. It was all in all a good day! 

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