Friday, February 3, 2017

Field Trip!!!

     This week we enjoyed stepping back in time to the Medieval fair! We go every year and every year it is just amazing! The sights, the smells, the sounds, the taste and just the everything! The actors are truly amazing as well. They cater to all the little girls dressed up and always stay in character which makes the whole day way more fun!

     My little princess with Robin Hood and Maid Marion!


     Skyler has to visit the Queen every year!

     Music is always fun to hear! 

     No electricity here! It is all done by human energy!!

We saw so many things too like glass blowing, blacksmith, calligraphy, toy making, yarn coloring and on and on the list goes! They helped the kids look up their name meanings. They demonstrated how paint was made. We have went every year and still find new cool things to see! 

     We watched a magic show about a time traveling bunny! 

      Fox even learned all about runes and picked one out for a necklace! 

      We even got to see the amazing birds of prey! 

     All in all best day so far this year!!!!

      I cannot help but wonder when did those kids get so big?? 

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