Saturday, February 18, 2017

Peek At Our week 20

     Our week was full! Between volunteer, dental appointments and just life it seems there was never a break! The kids are still working with their Thinking Tree journals and Fox has also been using The Home School In The Woods Greece Project Passport. Review for that to come later! Skyler has finally gotten her official volunteer paperwork from the library!! She also started doing Magic School once a week. I did manage a few pictures from the week!

     I still love the journals as far as school goes. It is easier to keep track of what they are doing. The kids still enjoy the different pages each day and being able to pick books and learn about the things they find interesting. Skyler is still using the creative writing book as well. On a fun note Skyler still fits in a box!!

     Fox still loves picking his daily movie out. I never thought of adding movies until we got the journals. He almost always picks a history type of movie. Every now and then I can convince him of something with science! 

     We made mozzarella meatloaf for the first time and shock Fox actually ate it! I had to take pictures to remind myself later. He never eats anything!

   It still amazes me the amount of books Fox has read this school year. This child used to throw a fit to read a paragraph he reads books now this continues to thrill me. Granted he gravitates towards history more than anything I am still happy he reads! 

     Well that about wraps up our week!

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