Friday, September 30, 2016

Peek At Our Week 6!!

So we are on week 6 of our school year moving right along! Some of our highlights this week were science experiments, pottery and a park day with  home school friends!!

Skyler was so happy to see a new art project for this week. Painting on canvas with acrylic paint. I think she was happy because it was painting cats of course!

In her spelling journal she was researching California this week. I try to make them use books for looking up information not just google!!

She also had some fun building the cats a tunnel to play in. This was an activity from her Fun Things To Do With Your Cat book. 

She did some science experiments learning how air takes up space to go along with the Professor Astro book about physics. 

This is another activity she did with seeing how smart your cat is. The idea was to give the kitty a bit of milk while she watches you pour it, cap it back up and see if kitty would try to get more. Stella apparently does not care for milk LOL.

She loves listening to music while she does her journal coloring. 

Her lunch time is usually when she watches a movie about what she is learning. In this case it is of course cats!

She is getting fed up with my camera here I think!!

These were more projects from her kit. She has glasses that apparently will help you see like a cat and she fashioned a little cloth toy full of catnip to play with. I am thinking the toy is a win for the cats, she may have to make more!

Skyler has been going to an anime class every Tuesday after she does her volunteer time at the library. This week she made a dragon scale printed scarf. I love our little library and the amazing things they do with the kids. 

Since the little catnip plant she made a few weeks ago seems to be a dud I snagged this one for her, it got better reviews!

I had to take this picture. She reads to Stella everyday and on this day she fell asleep! 

She was also thrilled with getting her new pens for her journals! She has turned into a gel pen hoarder ever since introducing the Thinking Tree books.

Damian is chugging right through Guest Hollow Chemistry in the kitchen for high school. He has read some pretty cool stuff!

He has read about making invisible ink with milk so we had to give that a try!

We tried laying it on a warm oven but that didn't help make it visible so we heated the burner and held it over it and that seemed to have done the trick!

He also made tapas almonds. These call for blanched almonds which we had to do ourselves. Time consuming but very funny when they would shoot across the counter. 

They came out pretty good too!!

Damian enjoys walking around while he does his reading!

Fox is still learning all about electricity in physics. We are waiting on a few more items to come through the mail to do more projects!

He had to light a light bulb and move a magnetic compass using just a wire and a battery. He is also keeping a notebook of all his stuff he learns.

In pottery Skylers plate was finally ready to come home she is so proud!!

She worked on a miniature pumpkin patch this week. SOOOOOO CUTE!

We wrapped our week with park day and had a blast!!! We all walked so much I am shocked our legs didn't fall off!

The end of September has come and Fall should be starting very soon as far as I am concerned! I want cool weather and no more bugs! Hope everyone else had a great week too.

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  1. I love reading about all their school projects. Looks like so much fun (and yummy too)!